My 19 year old daughters best friend

Single dad and my last one 19 just started college this year.Her friend is in community local college. Her dad and I served under me in Iraq and he never came home. I had come home from work and she was sitting outside. She said just came by to say hi. I invited her in. I said have a seat I want to get out of this uniform.

I went in to change in my room. Now standing only in my undies look in the doorway, here she is watching me. I said I'l be right out. She said I'm sorry if I offended you I said not at all was just changing. She said you are a good man. I said thanks. She said I really have to tell you something. ( I thought to myself I am afraid where this is going. Career military officer, plus my daughter and other kids). But let her speak. She said you are strong, handsome yet nurturing. Loosing your wife yet maintaining your career and home while being so loving to your 4 kids. I stopped her and said Holly I have a feeling I know where this is going. You are lile a daughter to me. She said I feel that way sometime and other that I want to be loved by you romantically. Not that we could ever get married or anything.

At this rime was kind of speechless and have to say that is not my nature. I said our age difference is huge gap . I said there are so many boys your age. She said look at my I am not what boys want. I said that's not true. She said they don't get me. (I could see that in a away old soul. Why more mature then boys her age). She said you don't find me sexy do you. ( I really do)! I said oh you are sexy no doubt about that. She said I have never been kissed by a guy nor touched a man and fantasize you being my first everything. I said I have so much to loose. She said I am on the pill, since I was 16. Mom thinking I might mess around. But boys don't look at me. By this time she is standing in front of me and realized for the first time that day she was wearing a t-shirt no bra and dolphin shorts. Seeing her nipples so hard in her shirt, poking out. Nature kicked in and here come erection.

I lost it and gave her, her first deep passionate kiss. Her body trembling. (Kept saying in my mind stop, but couldn't). Feeling her hands running up my chest and around my back. Then sliding in my undies rubbing my c***. I slipped off her shirt kissing down her neck and b****** suckling her nipples. Then picked her up and put her on the bed. Slipped off shorts and panties licking her c*** wildly. Fingers slipped in her as she bled a little bit. She never complained. Now rubbing c*** and g-spot. Then her giving me oral. Making love to her a few times. We laid there cuddling and kissing. I said you need to go home. She said no mom is not coming back til Saturday night. (Was Friday about 6). She went to see her sister. She spent the night slept together. Woke up and asked her if she was sore. She said a little bit but I want more of you. We did it twice again. This happened 3 months ago.

The problem is I really enjoy her and can't get enough of her. As she does me. Told her this needs to end sometime before we both get in trouble. She keeps saying just a little more time please. Don't want her to attached as well as myself. Did I allow a monster in?

May 6

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