The first d*** I saw

I was at my guy friends house.. we were outside swinging and he said he had to go change his shirt because earlier I dumped a bucket if water on him. I went into the house with him and he went upstairs to change. After a few minutes he calls my name and tells me to come here. And my ass is like whyyy. So I went upstairs and there he is but naked tryna show me his d***. It was horrible I did not like him in that way and I guess he liked me alot. It's been a few years and we still haven't talked.

Apr 5, 2021

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  • A bunch of us kids were at a swimming party, about 30 all told. I was 15, and when I went in to change into my street clothes, I was just stepping out on my suit when one of the older girls walked in.
    She stood there and stared, I was shocked and almost could not move.
    I used my hands to cover myself, she said, "Don't do that, I want to see it."
    So, after some coaxing, I moved my hands, I was hard by then.
    She said, Later." and walked out.
    Later came, about three years, just after I graduated. We ran into each other downtown, she asked me to come over to her place, so I went.
    Things went very fast, I was no longer bashful. My first b******, my very first full s**, up until then I had only managed to pet t****** a little bit.
    Our affair lasted nearly all Summer.

  • That’s sad. I’ll never forget the first d*** I saw. I was 15. I was not expecting to see my friends p**** but I walked in on him changing in the bathroom

    We were just friends, but I had to touch it. When I did he became hard. I could not resist playing with it. I rubbed on it for a while and then found myself sucking on it.

    We are both married with adult children. But we meet up once a year or so to relive our little accident

    I agree with the comment below. I’ve never seen a d*** I did not want to suck or ride.

  • How old were you?

  • Oop

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