Neighbor girls

My wife and I rented a house last year and next door to us is a single mother with two daughters. The daughters are 19 and 20 years old. The younger one is just ok looking but a nice body and the 20 year old is hot and looks like a younger version of Jennifer Connely. Upstairs from my workout room I can see both girls bedrooms. They are big windows with no shades. I sit up there for hours at a time with the lights off so they cant see me so I can see them dressing or naked. I have seen them both naked countless times and love it. I recently started working out at night with the light on so they could see me and then would walk around the upstairs naked. A few weeks ago I leaned over to look out one window and I saw one of them looking at me from their front porch. Ever since, both of them are naked in their rooms much more and I feel like I have been caught.

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  • Sounds like a dream come true as long as your wife doesn't catch you. When my wife and I were in our twenty's she always walked around nude or in a garter belt & stockings. We'd gone through a period where the weather was really nice so instead of using the AC we just opened the windows. And our kitchen had a storm door with screens in it so we left it open.

    No one lived right behind us so we really didn't think about it until on day I was working on a car I was restoring and our neighbors grandson came over. He'd always tell me everything his grandparents said about me. Like he told me his grandad had said I must be dealing in stolen cars because I'd fixed up several cars. Well this day he said his grand ma was really mad at his gran pa. She had caught him in his tool shed in the dark looking at my wife through binoculars while she was washing dishes. And she didn't have any cloths on.

    And she'd seen him going out there every night for a cpl of weeks and he never turned the light on. Of course she had some bad things to say about my wife. But was more angry with her husband. Where his little tool shed was he had a perfect view in our kitchen and with binoculars im sure it was like he was standing beside her.At the time she was around 20 yrs old and the old man was in his late 60's.

  • F** em like theres no tomsrrow...but get them drunk...and wear some kind of covering mask,paper bag,tissud paper ect

  • You obviously need to f*** them both repeatedly.

  • At the same?

  • J******* in there when they see you

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