Crossdressing hubby has supportive wife

My wife of 30 yrs is unbelievable! I first told her about my xdressing many years ago when we were first married. It started with just panties. Oh how I love pretty panties! I would only wear them when having S** with her...she was fine with it and would often comment how "hot" i looked in my panties. Slowly over the following years I began to add other clothing: bra,slips,girdles,hose and heels. She accepted it all! Then one night I put on a nighty and came to bed. She was fine with it. This continued for over 20 yrs, but I only wore my pretty things when we had s** and when she was not home.
About 2yrs ago I finally told her I wanted to wear my prettythings more know...maybe a bra when lounging with a cute nighty. She was ok with it...did not quite understand why the bra thing...but was ok with it. I told her if I had my way, I would throw away all my male underwear and just wear my panties. She did not bat an eye!

Funny when about a week later I came out of the shower and after drying off, opened my underwear drawer....all my male undies were GONE! In their place were a dozen pair of new, fabulous panties and half a dozen pretty bras! I was in HEAVEN!

Since then, I wear panties EVERY DAY and a bra to bed most nights. I love my bras! My wife takes advantage of my fetish and will place fresh panties and bra on the bed for me before I come out of the shower....which is great...but at the same time it is a signal: today she is the boss and I am her pet....which is fine. I will do anything for my wife as long as she keeps me all "prettied up". I am a VERY happy man!

May 20, 2021

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  • I have been married to a wonderful woman snd when we were dating I yold her I like yo wear panties, she got up and found a red pantie to wear with 3 rows of red ruffles across the back of the panties.
    The next day we went shopping for a pink teddy with a pink ribbon at the waist.
    The rest is history and im sitting here wearing my pantie and my bra eith 1 bracelet 5 rings and 2 necklaces. She turned me on to jewelry and I'm hooked.
    I wear nightgowns often but lots of times we buy matching women's pajamas that might say " Caffeine Queen " . It feels good to just be myself and loved for me just being me!!
    I hope your as happy as we are and you both have a great life like we are having.
    Other see how happy we are and like to join in and we welcome then to join in on our conversations, so we have a great life!!
    Life can be good!!!!!

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