A desire to be Spanked

Every single day my desire and craving to be spanked grows, I went to high school in Trinidad and Tobago, and I am to believe in my last year of high school I discovered my passion for spanking.
I assumed this urge will eventually go away or I would eventually grow out of it but as I grew older the desire only intensified. Watching spanking videos and reading/writing spanking stories is pleasurous but does not satisfy the craving. I unconsciously fantasize about full spanking sessions where I am punished and hand spanked, then I receive the hairbrush and that follows the belt in which I earn a very red butt, I fantasize about other scenarios but this is my most common.
My life could be so much better if someone would just bend me over and administer a proper spanking. One that will leave me standing for the entirety of the next day, one that is so well administered that it has lasting effects which ultimately means one that I will never forget.

Jun 2

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