My first time Crossdressing in public

A few weeks a go at 4 am I dressed up in ladies tights an a leotard . I wore street clothes over them to go out to my car , an took a ladies tight sports shirt in a bag with a purse . I drove away from my home ,I took off my normal clothes an put on the sports shirt an placed my wallet in my purse along with some feminine hygiene items an make up . I drove around an went through a fast food drive thru or two an enjoyed the reactions from the women who saw me . I soon worked up the nerve to go in to one fast food restaurant . I walked in an was the only customer the two ladies behind the counter giggled as I walked up to the counter . This really exited me ,I was hard an it showed from the looks that the two gave me as the glanced down at my ...... you know .The next thing I know I heard some one behind me . Two young girls had come in ( 14 TO 16 Tops) to get something . I nearly died they both smiled an started to laugh . I was now even more exited . I was so worked up that without touching my self I climaxed . The lady working there must of guessed what had just happened smiled an said I think you have enjoyed your self enough an should go home an wash up ,before she needed to call some one . I have done the dressing up an walking about a few times sense but have not climaxed like that but I am worried that it might happen again 9 the ( spontaneous climax ) an people might get the idea that I am gratifying my self in public intentionally . (which I am not) I do enjoy woman's clothes especially tights an such My intention is not to climax in front of them though

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  • I'm looking for fans of the 80s fetish model web site (or soshiny, so shiny dot com). Does anyone know if it is still being updated? It is a terrific fetish site that shows models wearing athletic spandex, leotards, leggings, tights, leg warmers, slouch socks, layered socks, ballet and ballerina outfits, yoga pants, gym, fitness, workout clothes, unitard, pantyhose, capri, bodysuit, gymnastics, catsuit, stirrup pants and other second-skin clothes from 80s and early 90s. My favorite models are Larissa and Linda. I have tried to sign up with a valid credit card but no success, leading me to wonder if the web site is still in operation. It is a German web site from Germany, published in English. Does anyone have a user name and password to share? Any info on is appreciated.

  • Well I dressed up agin with the diaper on under my tights it was really hot . I went an drank a cooler or two to work up my nerve . To do what I did next but I did it I jogged thru a local park where the bus stops an was in heaven . I ran by the stop an p***** my self untill I was visibly leaking . I was c****** by just looking at them laugh at me

  • its true but now i ware diapers under my spandex to turn my self on even more an i go jogging in the park now all dressed up i get so hot now that when i get home i m********* an think of all the ladies who see me in my spandex an diaper outfit

  • It was hot an looking back on it it was one of hardest( best ) o****** I ever had . I only wish that I did not moan like I did when I climaxed or that my c** did not bleed through my outfit ( for every one to see )

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