My Weird Problem

I don't even know if this is a real confession, or problem at all. Just so you don't judge my mother, let me explain. I have a great life. I've never been raped, or had to ever feel like I'm in real danger. The closest I've ever been to even breaking a bone is when I spranged my ankle playing tag. I get almost everything I want like most spoiled American children. I'm a brat. But ever since I've had pimples on my face... Well my mother has picked/popped them. It doesn't seem like a big deal compared to being tramtically abused or anything like some children go through, and sometimes I feel like an idiot for even feeling bad about this. But I discovered a little after my first days of middle school nobody else had the blood patches on their faces like me. That was alright though, cause my mother always told me it would make them better. It's only started to bother me now. I've only seen one other person in my whole life that seems to have their pimples picked too. My grandmother noticed too... She told me if was bad for me and I should tell my mom it wasn't good but I chose to believe my mom, even though deep down I know I'll probably have scars from it later. It doesn't feel good either... And I know if anyone has read this far their probably grossed out, but I just needed to write something.... I've even started picking the pimples myself now though, because it hurts so bad when my mother picks at my face. Sometimes I wonder if she likes the pain, but that's a bad thought to have.... I just don't know if I should tell her... She's starting to pick my brothers pimples now too and I hate to see him cry from it... I just don't know what to do I guess. But there are worse problems in the world...

May 6, 2012

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  • To make your pimples smaller or to prevent them from getting really big and p**** put on some artificial lemon juice. Use it everyday before you sleep or even when you sleep, take a napkin, roll it up into a small pieces and drench it with the lemon juice then tape the napkin to where your pimples are. I've suffered with pimples since I was in fifth grade, don't g o down the same path. People are really cruel, y'know? Good luck dude.

  • Don't let her pick your pimples and try to break the habit of picking them yourself, actually don't pick but try to pop them. When I was going through puberty my pimples were extremely bad, so what did my mom do? She picked them. 4 years later I still have the scars and I'm really conscious about them. Picking your pimples WILL RUIN YOUR FACE. Take my comment into consideration :]

  • ok, well I think I can compare myself to ur situation, somewhat that is. I dont have a mom who pops my pimples though. I think the only practical advice would be to show ur mom on the internet or through a gud mature conversation that popping the pimples is bad. I used to pop my pimples a while ago and I still have a few scars on my cheek. Don't pop them. I used benzoyl peroxide to get rid of them. Also cleanse your face regularly with preferably Nivea Cleansing Milk. Thats what got the pimples off of my face. O yah, and also use Olay Natural White after immediately after you cleanse your face, and do it in the morning, the affect remains for the whole day. Gud luck.

  • Tell your mother to pick her own f****** pimples. Making your brother cry for it???? Wtf!!! Tell her!!! And only pick the pimples who have the white p**** top, if not, don't even touch them. Protect your brother.

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  • Bahahahaha i laughed so hard.
    Maybe its cuz its 3 AM and lack of sleep but that killed me.

  • Oh that was a mature comment. NOT.

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