What should I try to do with my new "neighbour"

I'm posting here just to get an anonymous opinion. A girl I am close friends with and I are going to the same university next year, and both moving into accommodation although not the same rooms or anything.

I do want to be more than friends and was thinking the fact we are now going to be neighbours might help that case a bit, but now that I think about it, what about being neighbours can I take advantage of?

She already mentioned going shopping together which could be fun, but I wanted to ask for suggestions because my mind is blank. I dont know for sure if she likes me back you see so I dont mean anything as straightforward as asking her to stay the night at my place, but maybe stuff like going on walks or something. Any advice/suggestions are appreciated

Jun 16, 2021

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  • Let me give you some motherly advice.

    The fact she is suggesting you guys shop together is a true tell that she like you. Just be her friend and continue to gain her trust and do little things for her.

  • Be your true self and see where it goes, but dont lie BC women will find out and then Not Trust You.
    Just let it happen and she will let you know if she wants you or not.
    Good luck.

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