I hate my stepson

I absolutely hate my stepson. He is 8 years old. I’ve been with my husband for 3 years when his son was only 5 at the time and it was fine then, but it has progressively gotten so much worse. He disrespects me and has made it clear that I was a homewrecker even though I moved in with them when his father was single for years. At 5 he said this to me. He is not very smart, and school is my passion. I have been a teacher for more than 10 years. He’s going into the 3rd grade and can’t even write his letters correctly. Hes failing every subject. He’s not smart at all. It’s so frustrating. His mom abandoned him recently completely from seeing him every weekend to moving out of state 9 hours away and now I am faced with being a full time mom to him. He rolls his eyes, he whines, stomps his feet, talks back, yells. I can’t take it anymore. He DOESNT LISTEN OR CARE. He only listens to his dad but my husband doesn’t discipline him. I am faced to do it. He’s a rotten snot nosed piece of s*** little kid. He hates me and I have tried so hard to mother him and help him, but he never listens and he’s SO ANNOYING. my husband and I can not go two minutes talking and he’s always interrupting and making a mess and being disrespectful and annoying and I just wish he were gone forever. I HATE HIM. I DESPISE HIM. I WISH HE WOULD BE GONE FOR GOOOOOOOOD. I wouldn’t even cry. Like sometimes I go in his room and spit on his bed. I literally hate him. I have never hated someone in my entire life until this h*** of a human being if you can even call him one.

Jun 16, 2021

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  • I noticed a lot of teachers hate kids but like the $$, maybe you are a homewrecker. If that were my son I would look for a woman who accepts him and move on. I would use you as a prostitute on the side and you would love it too, hope this helps.

  • You are a filthy narcissist who should be imprisoned. I hope that your husband grows a backbone and leaves you for the sake of his beautiful son you ugly freak of nature!

  • My older brother was always in trouble and mom did the best she could to make him mind and stay out of trouble .After Dad left us Alex turned mean and was steadily getting worse. We were spending the weekend at moms friend from school and Alex hit our little sister Beth in the mouth for telling mom he walked in on us when we were taking a bath .We were in the tub naked and he just wouldnt leave,we were both scared and humiliated . When he punched Beth in the mouth Mom started crying and couldnt stop .Mom had been telling her everything that had happened since dad left and Ellen told mom to take me,Beth and her daughters Sarah and Kim to see a movie and she would take care of Alex,that he would be a different person when we returned after the movie was over. Ellen was right,,when we walked in Alex was sitting quietly on the couch . You could tell he had been crying and he was not wearing the clothes that he was when we left,he was wearing a pretty pink dress,ankle socks and a pair of girls shoes and he was being so good. All of us girls couldnt stop laughing and were teasing Alex and Mom asked her friend what she had done and Ellen told her that she would tell her all about iot later after us kids had gone to bed. She asked us all to sit down and when we had she told Alex to do it,,Slowly he got up and stood in the middle of the room and apologized to mom ,me and Beth for being such a terrible person,He sobbed and cried a bit and when she could she promised to be a better person and hoped that we could forgive him for everything that he had done to us. Ellen told us to call him Alexandria and we all laughed hard,Mom told us to be nice to our little sister.

  • Ellen and mom talked about what she did to Alex to get him dressed like a girl and mom liked the change in the way he was acting and if he acted up even just a little Mom used a leather strap on him . It was so much fun helping mom with Alex ,mom bought dresses and skirts and panties and bras and we threw all of our brothers clothes away so there was room for all our sisters new clothes.

  • You’re a teacher? I’m guessing not small kids because you should be able to handle it better. Also what did YOU do in those few years to make home dislike you?

  • Push him infront a car while taking him on a walk

  • Sounds like a d***. You should hate him and get the Dad to step the f*** up or leave his ass

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