First time Naked in Public

When i was in my early 20's i drove to a nude beach on Long Islands south shore. my goal was to be naked outside in a public place but i wasn't sure i wanted to be seen just yet. i was afraid that someone i knew would see me. i was nervous and excited at the same time.

There was an area designated for 'nude sunbathing'. i walked to the farthest end of the beach and unintentionally walked to the limit of the 'nude beach', i laid out my towel up near the dunes and striped off my shorts and t-shirt. i was sporting a major erection. if someone had seen me i would have been mortified.

I was very nervous at first but began to relax when i heard voices very close to me. less than 10 feet away. i looked around and looking up and to my right there was a Mom with her three girls (I'm guessing 8, 10 and 12 years old.) heading for the non nude beach. One of them said "mom, that man is naked." moms response was "just stay with me!" i froze hoping i would not get in trouble. I discovered that i was laying next to the entrance for the 'family' beach. once they were a good distance away i got dressed and left.

all i could think for days was these girls saw me naked. I'm not sure which feeling was the strongest, fear or excitement. i wondered what they thought of my naked body.

Jun 27, 2021

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  • Should walk a little far so nobody will c u

  • If I saw you doing that around kids you’d catch a serious beating.

  • My first time to a nude beach was basically to follow orders. I was freshly out of Hospital Corps school and stationed at Balboa Naval Hospital. My first assignment was female surgery. Being a young virgin I found myself blushing and looking away constantly and being the butt of some pranks by both nurses and patients.

    After a humiliating experience at work, my Nurse LCDR called me into her office and made it clear that I needed to get over my hang-ups with nude bodies and STRONGLY suggested I frequent the local nude beach (Blacks) until I got myself 'cured.'

    My first time there was a 'dry run' as I chickened out and went home. The next time I got down and got bare. It was mid-week and there was almost no one but old men present. I didn't stay long at all.

    The third time was much like the OP. In that I didn't find a spot I felt comfortable until I went south. The north end of the beach was all gay guys. The center and south was for the rest. At the south end of Blacks Beach is a simple sign to the regular beach. I hadn't past the sign when I picked my first spot, but I panicked when I realized that the clothed side could see me at my spot. I got up and went for looking for a more suitable spot. Not finding one, as it was crowded that day, I started to just go home.

    Just as I was topping the cliff I ran into a young couple my age. She overacted feeling put out that I was leaving and aggressively convinced me to go back down and sun with them. I was a bit shocked about how flirty she was with me as she was with her boyfriend. He seemed unconcerned of her fawning over me, even once we were naked. I eventually told them why I was really there. Their company and actually, this college coed beyond that day, helped me immensely deal with my insecurities.

    More happened but my purpose for writing was not in my tale but in affirming, that whither what the OP confessed was truth or fiction, it very well could have happened as it basically happened to me

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