Dads Pictures of my Mom

When I was 10/11 years old, me and my best friend snuck into my parents room to check out my dads playboy magazines. Dad kept them hidden in his dresser draw. he also had a book that had nothing to do with s** so i ignored it.
when i was putting the magazines back i bumped the book and a polaroid picture fell out face down. i picked it up to see what it was and when i turned it over it was my mom naked and spread eagle on their bed. my best friend asked what it was and i handed it to him so he saw it too. there were other pictures of her posed naked we looked at but this is the one i remember most. we looked at her pictures for a while then put them back and never spoke about them again.

Jun 27, 2021

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  • Polaroid lol never heard that in yrs

  • Sounds like your parents had a healthy and loving relationship.

  • You are a psycho. P**** does not represent a healthy relationship. Objectifying your wife is NOT love, as@hole.

  • A GF showed me and gave me my first adult magazines. Excited, I showed one to my sister, mostly to brag. Unimpressed she insisted she had discovered our parent's stash ages ago. I didn't believe her as our parents are UBER strict religious. If it wasn't for us living, I would have insisted that they were both virgins and asexual.

    When the timing was right and we were home alone, my sister brought them out. She didn't want me knowing where they were kept. All of the photos were instamatic or polaroid's and nearly all had my mother in them. It was looking at a car crash. Even though I wanted to gouge out my eyes and stop seeing these, I couldn't stop until I saw all of them.

    It took some days for me to process that my parents were sexual beings. Up until then I took it for granted that they were just my parents. I only then began to see them as humans

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