Spanked by Michelle part 2

So after school yesterday afternoon I attended Michelle's office at the school and asked her if she was available to spank my bare bottom over her knee with her hand or her ebony hairbrush and she replied yes of course I am Young Man come on in and close the office door so I walked into her office and closed the door behind me and she said ok Young Man take a seat and let's have a chat about why you want me to spank your bare bottom over my knee Young Man and I replied I just had a really bad day in class today and she replied ok Young Man well let's get your pants and underpants down and then you can place your bare bottom over my knee and we will get started Young Man so I immediately placed myself over her knee and she said ok Young Man I'm just going to need to put my fingers inside the waistband of your pants and underpants and pull them down and halfway through pulling my pants and underpants down the female school secretary from the office knocked on the door and Michelle replied I have a naughty boy over my knee I'm about to begin Spanking his bare bottom but come on in and with that she opened the door and came in and saw my bare bottom over Michelle's knee and she asked can I stay and watch this punishment and Michelle replied yes you can Lauren because I'm about to turn Robert's bare bottom bright red and very sore and Lauren said that's good Michelle because when you are done with him I would like to spank his bare bottom over my knee for him harrassing me last week and Michelle replied well you will get to have him across your knee as well Lauren and Michelle immediately began to spank my bare bottom with the ebony hairbrush for the next hour and 45 minutes before she said ok Young Man stand up but don't touch your bare bottom while I swap positions with Lauren and then you are going over her knee as well and I replied please don't let her spank my bare bottom Ma'am and Michelle replied myself and Lauren are both in charge here Young Man and you will do well to remember that with that Lauren sat down on the chair and she said ok Young Man get over my knee immediately and so I did as I was told and placed myself over Lauren's knee and Lauren said that's better Young Man I'm in charge of your bare bottom now and you won't be harrassing me again after this is that understood Young Man and I replied Yes Ma'am it is and she replied good Young Man let's get on with Spanking your bare bottom and with that she picked up the ebony hairbrush and began to spank my bare bottom again and again alternating between my buttocks and after about an hour and 45 minutes she then said ok Young Man stand up and go and stand in the corner with your bare bottom on display with your hands on your head and no rubbing or touching your bare bottom and no talking is that understood Young Man and I replied Yes Ma'am and she said ok Young Man off you go so I went and stood in the corner with my bare bottom on display for the next 2 hours and 45 minutes before Michelle and Lauren said you are free to go Young Man and so I pulled up my pants and underpants and left the office immediately

Jul 6, 2021

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