Bosses Wife

I work for a small company with just me and the owners wife in the office, a while ago I mentioned I was a leg man, we both a had a good laugh about it and she was interested in what I liked on legs, I told her that I was in to latex leggings, or tight mini skirts. The boss went on a 2 day trip to London so there was just the two of us in the office. Monday morning she pulled up in her car wearing the tightest black liquid legging I had ever seen. I spent all days trying to catch a glimpse of her legs, and she knew full well what I was doing. she kept bending over to retrieve things from the filling cabinet in front of my desk. she is a size 10 5'8" mousy hair and reasonable size t*** 43yo.

It was obvious she was wearing no knickers under the leggings, and I caught her pulling the material up between her legs to cause a camletoe. All morning she was coming into my office and stand talking to me running her hand down her leg, I am 22 and at the minute have no girlfriend as we broke up a couple of months ago, as you can imagine I had a hardon all morning. At dinner time she announced she was going home to fetch something and did I need anything fetching, I said no, and the minute she left the office I went to the bathroom, dropped my trousers and wanked over the imagine of her a*** and legs, being alone I was not quiet.. and came moaning her name and calling her a f****** s***. I heard the door in the office close, raced out to see her walking to her car, she must have heard everything...

I was frightened all the time she was away, and when I saw her car pull back up I was sweating. I kept my head down when she came back in, she walked into my office, as I lifted my head I could see her bare flesh thighs before I reached her tight black latex skirt, she talked about some random stuff before turning bending over to the filing cabinet, her skirt didn't completely cover her a*** , I could see her bald smooth p**** lips looking swollen and red. she must have played with herself when she went home . My c*** was instantly hard, I spent the reset of the afternoon squeezing and touching myself, almost cuming in my trousers. I am sure I saw her on the phone with her hands between her legs more than once and she was very flushed each time I entered her office. at home time she came in and asked me to lock up, as she was going home. her parting words were " oh.. ensure you clean up in the bathroom.. you missed some on the wall " She had obviously heard me wanking and calling her names... The boss is not back until Thursday, if she comes in dressed anything like that tomorrow I am going to ask if she wants to watch next time.. do you think I should

Jul 7, 2021

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  • Pull out your pecker and let her blow you, don’t c** in her mouth though, after this 69 her then bang her hard. This will work with slutty women

  • Don't waste time. Get straight down to business and tell her what you really want to do then give it to her.

  • O that sounds like sort thing my wife would do know when we shopping love camel toe on show and playing teasing when out and if my wife she loves seeing c** shot over her b**** hope both have fun

  • You are so disgusting Now I know why I left the states. The size of ones b****** is unimportant to how beautiful a woman is . Only Idiot Americans think that. Like you. SO glad I don';t have to deal with retards anymore. Ciao, Bastardo!

  • No. Don't w***. Grab hold of her, bend heer over your desk and f*** her. She's obviously up for it. If she pulls out, she can't blame you for trying because she knows she's been leading you on.

  • Yes , by all means ask her if she wants to watch . Who knows , she might even want to help out . Good luck .

  • We managed to m********* together ... she always dresses so f****** sexy... but says no s**...

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