Lost more than money in Vegas

I am 100% straight. Never ever thought about s** with men. I entered a legs contest at a Vegas hotel pool. Just for fun. I finished third. The organizer would not let me drive away because I was tipsy. He invited me to sleep it off in his suite. I got out of my wet trunks and laid face down across this amazing bed.

He told me that he was surprise that I did not win the legs. I said thank you. He touched them, but no big deal. Then, I felt something that I had never felt before. There was a tongue in my quivering bottom. The pleasure was immense. Then I saw the empty condom wrapper on the floor. I turn my head to tell him that I am not gay, but it was too late, his small manhood had slipped in and taken my virginity. It was amazing. I was shocked when I got a h******. My silence was his permission to move a little faster. Well, it turned out that it was not that small after all. It felt like it grew while it was in me. I could not believe I was getting laid. He pulled out and I thought we were done. He put me on my back, kissed my nipples as a distraction. He moved my legs and slipped back inside of me. I could be wrong, but it felt deeper. He became to stoke faster and more passionate. Because he was still sucking my nipples, I thought I was going to c**. Then it happened. He exploded in me hard... it felt like he came 3 times... I could almost feel the juice. It was my first and, I assumed, my last. As he pulled out and saw my h******, he buried it in his throat. It was better than any woman, ever. Then for the first time, I came in someone mouth. All in one night, lost my virginity, got rimmed, got flipped, got sucked to completion. Since then, I came home to PDX and wondered if I would do it again. I told two of my straight friends and they did not believe me. So, I let them see and play with my naked bottom and both of them enjoyed sliding in me. I loved it. Since then, I have not pursed it much, but open to it when things happen.

Jul 9, 2021


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  • I tried being gay once. I sucked.

  • I love it but I don't swallow
    for me... gay s** is just fun... even with other straight friends
    everyone is just playful

  • Wow, what an experience.

  • It was amazing. but it was not the evening that I had planned. I thought I might get to watch others play. since losing my virginity, I have been more open to me in the bedroom. no drama.. lots of fun.
    my only vice... compliments makes me a little slutty

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