Asking the local female police officer to lock me up in a cell

Today I was in the foyer at the local police station speaking with a Female police officer and I asked her if you are not busy can you do a proper tape recorded interview with me in the station interview Room and she replied for me to be able to do that I would need to place you under arrest and I asked her can you do it and she replied yes of course I can and with that she replied ok Young Man hands behind your back and I immediately placed my hands behind my back and she got her handcuffs out of her pocket and placed them on my wrists and said I'm must inform you that you are not obliged to say or do anything as anything you say or do will be taken down and used as evidence against you in a court of law and she continued by saying if you do not have a lawyer one will be appointed to you and she also said you have the right to communicate with a friend or family member to let them know about your whereabouts with that she immediately took me to an official interview Room in the police station for a formal interview including formal charges, fingerprinting and photographing once that was done she said I now have one of two options and I replied to her what are the two options Ma'am and she replied either I grant you bail to appear in court at a later date which means that you will be free to go right now and I asked her what's the second option and she replied the second option is that I speak with our seargant in charge here at the station and organise for you to be held in a jail cell here at the police station overnight before you face the court magistrate/judge to apply for bail tomorrow morning and I said to her the second option sounds good to me and she replied ok wait here and I will go and speak with my seargant and organise a jail cell here at the police station for you to be held in police custody overnight to face the court magistrate/judge to apply for bail tomorrow morning and she said that means I have to put the handcuffs back on your wrists and take you to the custody room and hold you in custody overnight so once we reached the custody room she said ok I need your belt your shoe laces your wallet your phone your hat and your jacket so I immediately handed over those things and she opened up a jail cell door and said ok step in and so I did and she immediately closed the cell door behind me and padlocked it shut and went back to her desk to fill out some paperwork for my official arrest and court appearance and came back 2 hours later and served the court attendance notice on me to say that I would be appearing in front of the court magistrate judge tomorrow morning and she said ok well I'm knockout off for the night now so there will be another female police officer in charge your case overnight and I will see you tomorrow morning for your court appearance and she said I'm going to recommend to the magistrate judge that you are given a custodial sentence in jail for your crimes and I replied how long will you asking for a potential Jail sentence and she replied at least 15 or 20 or even 25 years and I replied that's a very very long time and she replied it's what you deserve for armed robbery , and kidnapping and false imprisonment and I replied so I will be going to a proper jail facility and she replied a correctional facility prison yes you will be or at least I will be making sure that the magistrate sentences you to a hefty prison sentence and I replied can you please ask for a 35 year jail sentence for me and she replied absolutely I can if that's what you would prefer and I replied if you do I won't appeal against it and she replied ok I will talk to the magistrate judge for you before court in the morning bye for now sleep well and I will see you early tomorrow morning for court and I replied great see you then

Jul 9, 2021

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