I went for a walk in the park near here and before I got to where I wanted to go I heard a noise behind I turned looked but saw no one so I continued on my walk then all of a sudden someone took hold of my b****** and being I had no bra on he started in playing with my nipples making them hard and making my whole body tingle I tried to get away but whoever had hold of me I couldn't move much then he pulled my blouse open popping all of the buttons and he began to pull at my skirt oh god why was this happening to me oh god he's kissing my neck I gotta get away I thought but I couldn't move oh no he's sucking on my nipple oh god I can't stand this I gotta get away I thought but couldn't move or I didn't want to move my hands reached behind me and I felt his c*** thru his pants OMG I thought it's so big my panties are gone now I'm nude and have nothing to cover myself in case someone comes by and sees me oh his fingers are playing with me my hands cup his head holding him onto my nipple as he plays with the other and the other hand playing with my c*** oh god I'm so wet
He picks me up turns me around and slides his c*** into my super wet womb and begins f****** me like a wild animal got so fast he's gonna c** to soon god how can this be he doesn't have two mouths for both my nipples are being sucked on and my nipples bitten lightly oh god I'm c****** on his c*** so deep in me I cant help myself for it feels so good oh god not another c*** against my ass oh so please the guy f****** my p**** slows up just to let the guy behind me shove his c*** into my ass I try to relax to let him in but he isn't waiting o god it hurts oh s*** I'm being f***** by two wild animals stop I'm c****** again o g god stop as I push back onto the c*** in my ass oh god he's so deep my whole body is trembling I can't stop I don't want to stop I'm c****** again. When I came to no one was around and I was laying on the grass totally naked and c** all over me. I look around but see no one so I mad my way back to the house and started up the stairs and heard the squeaky voice of my younger brother god sis what happened, where's your cloths? he came to me had this funny look in his eyes and he reached out and took hold of my nipples oh no I thought here I go again and I can't stop myself my younger brother is turning me on I bent down gave him a kiss god he kissed me back like he's a 20 year old oh god he's making me wetter than I already was as c** dribbles outta my p**** I didn't even know when he stepped out of his sweats and he's now supporting a nice 6 inch c*** much smaller than the two I had earlier as he starts rubbing it against my thighs. I almost fall onto the stairs as he climbs between my legs pulling me closer to him he puts his c*** right into my pus and starts f****** me slow and deep. It wasn't long till I started in c****** on his c*** holding him tight to my body not wanting him to stop but he must he's my younger brother he's only 15 he can't be doing this to me but he is as I c** on his c*** again and it happened I felt him stiffen and I heard a low growl as he shot his c** into my wet p**** and he rammed it all into me and held it there as he gave me several kisses and told me he loved me and we're gonna have to do this more often being you're my f*** buddy now. Oh god I thought and his room is right next to mine. He continued to hold his c*** in me till it went limp and fell out and his c** followed, oh s*** look at this mess on the stairs he said He'd take care of it and gave me a kiss right on my lips and his toung. oh my whole head is whir5ling as I climb the rest of the steps went to the bathroom and tried to force all of the c** out of my puss but a lot remained. I went to be didn't even bother putting anything on and fell asleep only to be woak by someone sucking on my nipple again, s*** wally my younger brother what's with him I thought maybe I can not think about it and nothing will happen. Yea right he got between my legs pulled them up onto his shoulders and slipped his hard c*** right into my or should I say his p**** and f***** me like there was no tomorrow and I had to stop him for I was starting to get sore but he wouldn't hear of it and it seemed li8ke it took forever for him to c** in me again then he layed on me panting like a dog drooling all over my b****** as he fell asleep so I let him lay there c*** still in me and I fell asleep to.


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  • Embarrassingly bad.......

  • Why the h*** do people come here just to lie and create idiotic stories while they could be trying to be honest and realise no one cares about nonsense s**** like these...

  • Because it helps them when they're sat at home pulling on their little pecker!!!

  • F*** you

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