How big is "too big"?

Too big, but I asked for it... This confession is more of a question for other girls on this site. Have you ever experienced a guy with an "EXTRA LARGE" p****?
I am a 25 year old attractive female. College grad, decent job and my own place. Me and my girl friends frequent a dance club in our mid sized city. The guy who DJ's and runs the sound board is about my age, maybe a little older. He is black and looks like a major geek. Kind of like a little more masc Steve Erkel. But the bartenders, servers and girls in the club hang all over him. I couldn't understand why until last week when I overheard the bartender telling a girl at the bar about the size of his p****. She outright said "his c*** is huge". Now I am no virgin by any means, and I thought a couple of guys I have been with were pretty big with 7-8 inches.
Well a few days ago I was at the club during the week and it was a slow night. During a break he was at the bar and I decided to speak to him. We chatted over a drink. I hadn't had s** in 2 weeks and was pretty h****. Finally I got bold enough and flat out asked him back to my place. Turns out he live very close by and after his set we went to his place.
We knew what we were there for so we wasted no time. We didn't even make it to the bedroom and started peeling off clothes in the living room. When he dropped his boxers I know he saw the look on my face as I stared at his c***. It was every bit of 7 inches long and as looked like a red bull can hanging down between his legs. He was maybe 5-10, skinny and his c*** did not match his body size. Well I got on my knees and started to work. I was amazed at how big he got. The red bull can turned into a coke can! And it was so long! We moved onto the couch and he reached into a nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He actually said "we are going to need this". As we laughed I came right out and asked how big he was. He replied "11 inches".
After greasing both of us up he began to push into me. It felt like he was shoving his arm into me! He kept working it in and out until he was f****** me pretty hard. I began feeling his b**** slapping my a** and I knew he had bottomed out. He grabbed my ankles, pushed my legs back and began pounding me. It felt like he was poking my heart! When he finally got off it was such a relief as he slowly pulled out. As he went for a towel to clean us up I reached down and stuck 3 fingers in my p****. It was such and odd feeling, I was so stretched out I could barely feel my fingers. And the next day was h***, I was SO SORE!
So the question is, how big is too big? I don't know if I am willing to try that again. It has now been several days, I am still sore and it feels like I am still stretched and loose. Have any other girls tried something like this? Or what about the opinion of a guy with such equipment?

Jul 17

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  • My c*** is about 11 inch and thick, and it’s only to big if I want it to be. You approach me like a s***, (I love s****) I will f*** you like one, I will pound your p**** until it’s sore. You will feel it for days. Now, if we get to know each other as I pursue you, I let you get use to the size, I train you to take more and more each time. I make sure your dripping wet before I start f****** you. I make it enjoyable. We that said, I know plenty of women who love to be pounded and they keep coming back to me for that every reason. Most are married and not being f***** good at home.

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