Next door

I was 17 6th former in English high school. Our next door neighbor early thirties, and best friends with my cousin. Both our parents were going away for the weekend and Jo was to watch over and prepare dinner for us. It was summer and Ko invited me over to sunbathe. I made the mistake of wearing my smallest bikini swimsuit. She was in a bikini. She asked me to rub sun lotion on her. Her top just covered her nipples. She put my hands on her b******, very full b******. Just massage the lotion in she asked. I was standing in front of Jo her eyes on my tight fitting thong. Which was stretched out. Are you alright, asked! She turned and I rubbed her back and legs. Your turn! Back first. Her hands were strong, it felt so good. Turn over she said, I am nervous I said. Why? Come on turn over. Lay flat on your back and close your eyes. Her hands were pushing the oil into my skin. She began to work my upper thighs. Her hands reaching up to my bikini. Can I tell you something, Jo asked! O. K. I said! You look great in this speedo , you look so big! 17, right? Yes! I said sheepishly. Have you seen an older woman’s b******? She asked. I said, No! Do you like my b******? Do they excite you? Would you like to take a shower together? I do not know! We laid out , chatted and she asked about my girlfriend. Have you had s**, do you touch each other? Let’s get that shower before dinner. I knew their house but had never been upstairs. It was a walk-in shower. Come on, don’t be shy! Jo said. I will go first, no one is coming, no one will disturb us. Undo my top. She turned, I in did the clip. She turned to face me. What do you think? Her b****** were firm and big. Her nipples were hard. Touch, squeeze. She took off her bottoms, her pubic hair was black. Now you!, I can help! Her hands went inside the front of my tight swim suit and gently lifted my thong over my now very large erect p****. She turned the water on and we stepped under the running water. We each soaped each other. She enjoyed my soaping her b******. She then took my p**** in her hands and began to rub. Up and down the shaft, feeling good? She asked. I was beginning to c**. Ah!…… oh!……. I was spraying all over the place. There, how was that. I have never felt like that. My turn tonight! Jo said. To be continued

Jul 17, 2021

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