Being gay is NOT okay. Pray the gay away.

I know it. It’s evil and immoral. They have gay disgusting butt s** which makes me throw up. We need to pray the gay away. Just last week I beat up 5 gay boys and got sucked by 55 girls with big b****. Haha. Good times. Stupid gay idiots will never feel as good as I do. Gay marriage should be illegal since it is a sin. Every time I beat up gay boys and make them cry it makes girls want to have s** with me. They know I am so straight and like t****** butts and vaginas. Hahah. I love it.

Jul 26

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  • Helluva fantasy life you have there Scooter! What color is the sky on your planet?

  • Beating up people and having s** with more than one woman is a sin too you f****** r*****

  • You are obviously a troll. If you ever left your house then you'd know most women have gay male friends.

    Heteros also have butt s**. Gay s** is the best. Don't you ever knock a prostate o*****.

  • What a t*****. Obviously a virgin, who's saving himself for the right person. In other words, fat, ugly definitely a would be sexual deviant and that desperate to have a sexual relationship he gets off wanking whilst trolling.
    The 'good book', that you think is the the word of God, is an edited edition of catholosiem, leaving out anything that is attributed to women or hypocrisy of the Roman Church.
    The same Roman Church, that has allowed blatent gay s** to be allowed for centuries, between the whole priesthood and whosoever is vulnerable.
    Before you jump on you 'high horse', all non Catholic Christian religious sects use the Roman Catholic Church's basic version as the blueprint for their own editions.
    Theological scholar and exposer of the lies of the R.C. order.

  • I'm surprised such an obvious troll got so much response.

  • Beautify America! Strangle a q****!!

  • Such a fantasy life you live h***, come suck d**** like me but your scared to come out we have all been in your shoes before

  • You’re an HIV Dispenser!

  • It’s not ok to be a Homophobic Bigot I hope you die a painful miserable death you white trash hick

  • You pedophiles are so righteous.

  • I tried being gay once. I sucked.

  • I think he's a bit gay

  • I think the OP harbors secret desires

  • Gay bashing isn’t going to erase the fact that you fantasize about c….ck.

  • Nor is it going to stop you from molesting toddlers.

  • Sak tu

  • Got a dot on the virgin incel radar^

  • I suck your v***** where your c*** was cut off BEEEEEEEM!

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