Yes. This is for you.

A wholefoods and plantbased diet could reverse your health problems, and help you avoid all of them in the first place, or at least about 95% of them. You would optimally have vitamin sources of k2, d3, b12, and omega 3 epa dha in your diet, preferring food sources.

3 Hours of active exercise per week would be very good, preferably allocated among the days.

The general source of all pain is inflammation, and it is most powerfully overcome with a proper lifestyle, and by avoiding processed sugars.

The general reason why sickness occurs, is due to bad lifestyle habits (Western diet) as we see in the data everywhere.

If you suffer of any issues such as kidney stones, those too can be prevented by drinking at least 2.5 liters of water per day (maybe 3l for a hot summertime), having your coffee black, and if any supplementation of calcium, then citrate. Basic oat porridge helps as well, due to vitamin B6 and fiber. Lemons and citrus fruits are very effective tool in kidney stone prevention as well.

For mental challenges, basic sunlight is one most powerful solution, and so is forgiving and counselling.

All of this is tested and does work well on even reversing heart disease and organ damage, such as a fatty liver disease. However do not reject modern medical science on the basis of this or anything, because vaccines, antibiotics, and the like are absolutely necessary to avoid tens of millions of needless deaths every year. This is a fact, but antibiotics are also often misused, and overused, to the point of causing drug resistant bacteria and viruses, so please counsel your choices with a proper physician who really cares and is not just after your money. As for the corona virus, get vaccinated with both doses as soon as possible for you, to save both your own and other's lives, and keep the masks on at least until everyone is fully vaccinated with both doses, and 2 weeks has passed since the second dose, as the vaccines are effective only after 2 weeks, and 3 weeks after the first dose.

Thank you, please be well and know that Jesus loves you, and wants you to start loving others. You may verify all that I have said here in real medical studies by reading for example PubMed and Harvard Health studies.

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  • Please do not use Jesus to endorse the vaccines and other medicines. Where there is risk, there should be a choice. I'm not rebelling. I am writing from experience. Serious adverse drug reactions do occur and you never know when you may end up with a flawed batch. This can happen also, despite being brainwashed that every medicine is safe and effective. There are some people who should not be having vaccines/antibiotic or other medicines because it would be a contraindication to their health. There are many people who are falling through the cracks, who are experiencing severe adverse vaccine reactions or sadly passing away. These Covid-19 Vaccines are not all it's cracked up to be.

  • Uh uh sorry about that other comment dont know what there problem is.



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