i cant do it anymore

i dont think i am strong enough to live. the only things i look forward to are being asleep and being drunk, because then i feel like im closer to death. or at least farther from life.
i know it makes me selfish, but i feel like i have no real purpose any more.
My friend has made sure that all the sharps i have are dull enough but i have one he dosent know about.
i might do it tonight. this might be the last thing i ever write, the last thoughts of mine that anyone will ever know.
If they are, i want my friends and family to know this: i love you and im sorry.

-Aleph Bet Shin-

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  • Please, suicide is never an option :( you feel like you have no purpose in life? Search for it! Find something you love, and work on it. Change your habits, just ont give up!

  • your dumb for wanting to kill yourself, get over it you pansy and get some help! i mean like really, run away or soemthign start a new life somewhere, grow up. get over it there are people in this world who love you and you don't even give a f*** about what they think, GET OVER YOURSELF.

  • call the suicide hotline. now. best of luck.

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