I'm Black and embarrassed to be black american because of blm

I have had everything handed to me my entire life by white people. I did not have to work hard in school and i was given As because liberal teachers assumed i could not write as well as my classmates and they were probably right. But I got into Yale with 860 combined SAt score. My friend is beautiful and popular but God forbid white and she did not get in. She is a brilliant writer and a creative genius and she also excelled in science and she has left the country because she could not find a job-she was passed over with all her qualifications summa ** laude MAster's ** laude bachelor's simply for being white. Now pakistanis and indians and blacks are attacking white women who fought for ourt rights-we would not have rights any rights if it weren't for white women. I am embarrassed. My best friends have always been there for me and they are wait for it WHITE! OMG. WHat a SIN! n Blacks are more racist than whites could ever dream of being today I know this I am black.

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  • This is written by a white guy.

  • So you’re saying blacks don’t have their own minds
    Real nice, racist

  • It's unfortunate that we seem to want racism to divide us. After all the passion that went into trying to end racism in the 60s and beyond, here we are fueling it again. I know exactly how you feel and I'm standing with you.

  • Same.

  • F u ck blm and Democrats trump trump trump

  • Dirty ni99er. I would be ashamed aswell

  • Crackertrash why don't you overdose on fentanyl nobody wants you

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