Going commando

Hi I am a man who enjoys going commando most of the time, the first time was when I was 9 once me and my family went to the beach and i put on my swimming shorts under my pants and packed some clothes in a back pack. Later when i changed my clothes that day I saw that I didnt pack any boxers and I had to go home without them just to put some when I arrived that first time was a little weird. Then when I was 16 was the first day I spent with no boxers on. Once there was a holiday event at my school, it was a friday I waked up showered and dressed but when doing I noticed my boxers were very tight, well I was growing with the age and the puberty, so i pull them off and put on my formal suit pants. It felt so good with those pants then I finished dressing and went out, when I was in the school I met with my girlfriend who was in my class and told her I was wearing no boxers, she liked the idea but got a little jealous saying the other girls could see my "package" over my pants. I felt so good with no boxers on and my formal suit that day. A few years later when I was 19 started going commando more often as I only had 5 pairs of boxers, since then I wore boxers sometimes but with my work it's not really necessary O work as a gym trainer and go commando with my sportswear sometimes the weather is cold and i feel it a little but when it's warm it's very comfortable

Aug 5, 2021

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