TARGET...... Dressing Room Encounter

I'm a gay man and am always looking to hook up in a common location. It turns out a Target store in my neighborhood was a good spot to hook up with another man. I went to check it out and they were right. The next time I went there was another man looking at clothes. He was cute. Before I had a chance to talk to him he asked if the shirt he was holding up looked good on him. I told him I would have to see it on him. "Are you ready?" He asked. "Almost, I have one more thing to pick out." I told him knowing what he was really asking. The dressing rooms were perfect. They had deep rooms, partitions that went all the way to the floor, and a front door where the bottom was very low to the floor. We started kissing while rubbing all over our bodies. I then unbuttoned his shirt. We both took off our pants at the same time. I left on my boxers while he removed on his. I then gave him a long b*******. The tip of his erect p**** was glowing with pre-c** when I took it out of my mouth and stood up in front of him. We kissed again while he slid my boxers down. Both fully erect we pressed our nearly naked bodies together and kissed with the intention of c****** on each other. Moments later we felt each other's c** all over our bare skin. We gave each other a kiss of gratitude and got back dressed. He left first followed by me a minute or so later. Seconds before I left a women left the coed dressing room in front of me. Couldn't help but crack a half smile.

May 15, 2019

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  • Ii have always loved a good romp in public. In fact, that's how I met my current male enamorata. He actually works with my wife.

  • Mmm does she know?

  • No, she has absolutely no idea. It's been going on now for nearly a year, and he is just sooooo delicious.

  • And full of hiv,hepatitis,scabies and Jew

  • This story is very erotic!!!

  • I’m wet , hot and sticky thinking about it wish had it my mouth. 💋❤️🙏

  • ......and it makes me very erect.............damn.....

  • How big is your d***?

  • It's big enough....

  • I could take 10” one right now hot & wet💋

  • be able to find......?

  • Are any of these posts from a woman?

  • I certainly hope so, but I can't tell for sure.

  • Many years ago, I was a sugar daddy to a very young gay male. It was a very deep and intense relationship, and I provided for him well enough that he didn't have to work for the entire four years we were together. It finally ended because I wasn't in a position at the time to leave my family permanently for him. So eventually he found someone else. But you remind me of him so much. I think for you, your involvements with men are not just about s**, but mostly about love. You certainly displayed that with the young man in the store. You cared for him warmly and still do and still will. You will see him again soon and are already planning a relationship. I love that. I really really do. I think you should have a sugar daddy, too, and I believe you deserve that. I think you may deserve it more than any man ever has. You should have the four "C"s of being a sugar baby: clothes, cars, condos, and cash. And they should be provided to you plentifully by an older man who loves you and allows you the freedom to explore your sexuality in a non-exclusive relationship with him. That worked wonderfully with Todd and I, and I think that is where you should be. I hope you find such a man for yourself. And soon.

  • Thanks for the comments.

  • I loved the way he looked naked, I liked kissing him, his pre-c** tasted good, his body felt great against mine.

  • Did you cross swords??

  • Yes. Our c** was all over both out penises.

  • This is a beautiful mental image. And just reading it made me hard, and made me want you. Thank you for that. It actually made ME c**. A lot.

    Did one of you lovers nut more than the other? Or did both of you have about the same output?

    I hope you will please keep us updated on your relationship with this guy. And on that shower you mentioned. Damn! DAMN!!!!!

  • It was about the same amount of c**. Most of it ended up on our shafts and tip.

  • For some reason, I see you pumping cream like crazy, covering that dude's package in your liquid love. COVERING IT. I think he drove home, still wearing your s****, still smelling of you, still having that feeling of joy. He got home, took off his pants (again), and worked your juice into his d*** and b****, thinking of you the whole time. He is still to this day remembering being done by you, tasting his own precum while you kissed him. You are such a man. He is so fortunate to have found you.

  • C** exchange. Sweet!

  • Yummy!!!!!

  • I tasted his pre c** and then we kissed!

  • That's one the very sexiest of all acts of love. Thanks for letting us know that's how it happened. It says a lot for your warmth and sensuality, as well. You are such a treasure.

  • You are a filthy f***** m*********** and thats why i love you. i truly love you. and i have a seriously painful hardon for you right now. but thats not going to last long because i am in the middle of stroking it and i will very soon nut like the sexcrazed f***** you are making me become. i wish i could meet you. in public.

  • Awesome!!! Happy to hear that.

  • It seems that everybody here wants you. But none of them want you even half as much as I want you.

  • I was actually in one of those very Target dressing rooms just yesterday morning, and I thought of you during that time, and for the rest of the day, imagining that you bent me over the seat and drove your magnificent c*** deeeeep into my body, pounding me repeatedly until I could take no more. But nevertheless, you kept on pounding after that until YOU couldn't take any more (yes, our relationship is all about YOU, not me, so it's YOU that matters). I could even imagine your warm sweet juices sloshing through my a*** cavity all day. Before bed last night, I took a long shower and jerked off to you three times while standing under the hot spray, imagining it was you, p****** on me. My wife asked why I had showered before bed (I never do that), but naturally I didn't tell her it was because of how hot and sexy you are. :)

  • I'm masturbating thinking about finishing inside of you right now.

  • Oh God! My dear sweet Jesus!

    I can actually FEEL it!

    And........I'm c******! For YOU!

  • Did you get his number? Email? Address? Will you see him again? Will you do him again? Aren't you hungry for him again?

  • Yes we plan on meeting again. We have talked about a sleepover that includes taking a shower together.

  • Hope he knows how lucky he was to find you.actually i think all your men are lucky as f***!

  • Thanks. It was a very good session. Wish we had done more.

  • ....when I read about your encounter in the store's dressing room ....... i masturbated like a madman for ten minutes........and then came like a f****** firehose...... damn you are one incredibly hot piece........ wish you were MINE!!!

  • I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!!!

  • O M M F G ! ! ! This is a wonderful love story, about your love for other men's bodies, and the joy that comes out of those bodies. I hope you will tell us all more about your experiences at Target, and other public places. Hand jobs, blow jobs, fingering, all of it, all in public. There is so much love in you and we would all love to hear about it. I'm a married man, but I so admire men like you, and wish I could express more of myself in the ways you do. Thank you for sharing. Thank you SOOOO much. You are an inspiration.

  • You too c*******.
    Oral herpes and aids.

  • No we didn't c** swap.

  • Thanks for the comment.

  • I hope you get oral herpes and aids you sicko

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