Mom agreed to spank my bare bottom over her knee

Yesterday afternoon I arrived home and told my mother that I needed to talk to her and she said ok Young Man I'm listening and I immediately told her that I felt like I needed to have my pants and underpants taken down and to have her spank my bare bottom over her knee with her ebony hairbrush and she said ok Young Man come with me and so I immediately followed her upstairs to the Spanking room and she went straight over to the straight back wooden chair and sat down and she Said ok Young Man come over here and stand in front of me right now and so I immediately did as I was told and went and stood in front of her and she immediately put her fingers inside the waistband of my tracksuit pants and pulled them down next she put her fingers inside of my red underpants and pulled them down she then guided me across her lap and she got my bare bottom nicely positioned so that she could begin my Spanking almost immediately and with that she picked up her ebony hairbrush and began to spank my bare bottom over and over again alternating between my buttocks and my thighs for at least the next 2 hours and after about 2 hours of bare bottom Spanking she let me up but she said ok Young Man by no means touch your bare bottom in fact I want you to go to the corner and stand with your nose facing the wall and your hands on your head and no rubbing or touching your bare bottom and definitely no talking or looking around the room otherwise you will be back across my knee again Young Man for some more Spanking time and after about an hour of bare bottom corner time she said ok Young Man you can pull up your pants and underpants now your bare bottom corner time is complete now I will go back downstairs and dish up dinner for us both and on our way back downstairs I asked her once we finish dinner may I please go back across your knee for some more hairbrush Spanking please Ma'am and she asked me are you sure Young Man because this time around once your pants and underpants come down your bare bottom will be over my knee for 3 and a half hours and I will decide when you have been thoroughly spanked Young Man you will have absolutely no say in it and I replied that's fine with me Ma'am and she said ok Young Man straight after dinner your bare bottom and my ebony hairbrush are going to have another discussion and this time around you will learn your lesson over my knee Young Man and I replied that's good that's exactly what I want please Ma'am and she said ok Young Man you will get exactly that

Aug 10, 2021

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