16F/ So happmy my mom left us and I got a cool young stepmom

When I was 11, my mom left me and my dad. She had been struggling with anxiety and drugs and then found some spiritual friends who she started living with, leaving us nothing more than a s***** letter. So we‘ve really gone through some s***… A few months later my dad got a new girlfriend and when he brought her home for the first time I was like WOWOWOW. She was only 22, so good looking, showing off quite alot and smiling a gorgeous smile. We clicked at first sight, it felt so good talking to her and she was the total opposite of my mom: Young, cool, easy-going, laid back… I was sooo happy when Candy moved in and married my dad! Alot has happened since then. Im 16 now, changed from a rather shy girl into a wild child and she has always been supporting and encouraging. And I just love our new life and my cool stepmom who is also my best friend. And yes, I love calling her MOM… and im soo happy that my biological mom left us and I hope she will come back one day to see our fun life before we finally kick her out!

Aug 10, 2021

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  • My dad was 54 in the 90s, but marries our version of Candy, half his age, when I would get home from HS footballs practice all sweaty that’s when she liked me best, she would lick and suck every dirty inch of me before I’d f*** her. When I moved across country for college it stopped, after he died we did it once more and now she’s disappeared with all the money.

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  • When I was in 5th grade my Mom would go visit our grand ma. Mom would put my little brother in the guest room to sleep then she would tell me its bed time. Mommy would take me into Grand Mas spare room and we would go to bed. All mommy wore was a little flimsy nitey. mom had nice 34 b t******. All I had on was under wear. mom would pull up her nighty top and pull me in close to her t******. I would suck the nipples and kiss them. Mom would make little whimper noises. on the 3rd nite she got into bed naked. And hugged me. I sucked and played with her t****** shen then took my little hand and told me to rub her as she put my hand down between her legs and told me put your fingers iside of her and rub. So for years I wuold j*** off remembering how good and wet mom was and the smell of her p****.

  • Hi, Celine!

  • Good for you all.

  • Yes, definitely. I love our new life. So much fun.

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