Bed bath

My nephew is in the hospital where i work. at least twice a day i go to see him and was trying to get him to allow a nurse to give him a bed bath but he was refusing and it was only when i mentioned if he won't let a nurse then i would do it and right at that moment his bed sheet started to rise up,I teased him saying oh you would like your aunt to touch you and his d*** would twitch each time,I went off and got everything i needed and came back and his d*** was still pointing to the ceiling.i locked the door and closed the blinds and went over and pulled off his sheet and his gown to reveal a massive fat d***.I started wash him and knew where he wanted me to go but i let him suffer for a while longer,I worked my way down to his shaft and soon as my hand touched his d*** he let out a loud moan so i sat next to him and took his d*** in my wet hand and slowly wanked him off and said to him don't hold it in let it all out and he did just that all over his stomach and my hand,I cleaned him up and had to get back to work but each day i make sure i wear sexy underwear to show him while i w*** him off and yesterday as i was helping him he asked me to finger myself to which i started to and he soon asked me to pop on the bed with him and he would try and be quick.i thought why not ive been wanking him off anyway and jump on and mounted him and sliding down on his massive d*** was heavenly i had my hands on his chest and rode him it wasn't long before he said he was going to c** and i rode him faster and took his big load and quickly got myself sorted out before anyone came knocking, whenever someone looked at me for the rest of that day it felt like they knew.

Aug 20, 2021

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  • Be my aunt, please!

  • I loved my mum bed bathing me when i injured, why did i love it she use to wash my c*** until i shot my load she pretended she wasn't aware of my e**********. love my mum

  • How old are you both

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