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I'm a 26 year old white correctional officer I work in a men's facility( men's prison) I'm 5 8 I weigh 150 pounds and have light brown hair my wife also works at the same prison as a correctional officer she's 24 she's five six ways about 135 pounds nice ass. I started working at the facility when I was 22 years old and for the past 18 months I have been having an affair with a black inmate, his name is Jay he's 45 years old 6 ft 8 ,260lbs. He's a lifer and he's been down since he was 18 years old he was convicted for two counts of attempted murder and one count of murder I'm assigned to the gym I'm a Gym officer and 20 month ago J was assigned as the gym clerk his job consist of organizing the tournament handing out equipment making sure that all the equipment is accounted for at the end of yard time clean the gym one day Jay asked if he could participate in a basketball game during his work hours I didn't see a problem with it I told them to go ahead after the game was over he collected all the equipment and asked if he could take a shower in the gym shower before he headed back to the housing unit because the shower time was already over and he was sweaty the inmates weren't supposed to use the shower in the gym because it's in the back room but I didn't see it being a problem I told them to go ahead but make it quick I was doing my inventory count when I walked into the back room the shower was already off but Jay was standing there drying himself off caught me by surprise he didn't see me as I walked in but I got a full view of Jay stood there staring I must have stared for too long because I heard him say sorry boss I'm almost done I didn't answer him back I was froze I couldn't stop staring then he asked is everything ok I turned red I was embarrassed he caught me staring staring hard he caught me in a trance I walked out and didn't say anything that was even more embarrassing he finished up then walked out to the office he asked me if I was ok what the smile on his face he said don't worry about it he said he take it as a compliment I looked up , at him to tell him I was sorry but as I started to talk I noticed he was wearing white sweats and I could see his d*** was rock hard and he was standing right in front of me I couldn't say anything I mumbled my words and he smiled he told me not to worry about it it would be our secret. The next day he came to work he was different he wasn't as quiet and serious he was joking around and flirting I was still embarrassed from the day before and didn't really know how to handle the situation and that was my second mistake because the longer I waited the more he flirted and got over familiar and the more he flirted the more excited I begin to get I would joke with him and he would take it a little further before l knew it. Was out of control he asked me just about every night before he went home if he could use the shower in the gym at first he was using before shower then he started taking showers on the closest shower over in plain view of my desk I felt weak and when you take a shower he would stare at me the whole time I will try not to look but every time I looked up over At him he was staring right at me. I looked up at his face he smiled at me and I smiled back he lowered his wash cloth down to his d*** and started stroking his my eyes followed his hand down to his d*** he slow strokes his d*** as I watched my eyes would go up to his eyes and back down to his d*** he had me so excited I was licking my lips I want it so bad to walk into the shower and drop to my knees he finished up his shower and he turned off the water he walked out of the shower still staring at me I can take my eye office d*** and he knew it he told me don't walk back here boss you might have to lick something else besides your lips I can't take my eyes off of his d*** and he dried himself he asked me if I like what I saw and he started to stroke his d*** as he was stroking his d*** he told me to look at him keep looking at his d*** I could tell he was about to come you stroking it fast and hard then he grabbed his washcloth and shot his load into the towel he got dressed walked into my office and he put his washcloth with his c** on it on my desk and looked at me and said I'm tired of playing games if you want to be my little b**** take that cloth to the back room and clean it or if you don't want to be my b**** I'll take it home with me and I'lltake it home and find somebody to clean it.I grabbed his washcloth off my desk I walked to the back room turned and looked at him and opened the wash cloth and suck his c** off of it. He smiled and sad you know you're my b**** now right I smiled at him and swallowed his c**. The following day he showed up early for work he skipped breakfast and came straight to the gym and I sucked his d*** at lunch recall he stayed behind at work and I sucked his d***. He says its mandatory then I suck his d*** twice a day and I'm not complaining Iwi


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  • Well if its CCA you and your wife are both getting it . in prisons word gets around faster then you think , both with inmates and coworkers . and employees , if found out are terminated and in some cases even charged and arrested for having relations with inmates as well as workers and co workers . you need to wake up and move on . if you don't you might not have a job or your freedom much longer , trust me I know all to well . a former prison employee .

  • What happened in your situation tell me your story

  • I'm afraid I would be in the same boat as you if that opportunity presented itself to me.

  • I know its wrong and some day I may get caught.but the desire to satisfy him is exstreamly Strong and overwhelming .to the point that he's all i think about .he's on my mind 24/7 . when I'm away from him I'm fantasizing about him
    .when I'm around him I feel
    excited, weak,nervous, aroused, submissive. When we are alone I feel out of control excited and totally obsessed with very intense
    feeling of satisfying him. It s the .altament feeling of sexual excitement and pleasure for me. The moment his body tenses up
    And he blesses me with his hot
    thick creamy load .that is the moment of exstasy the altament moment of pleasure for me
    I usually shot my load in my pants way before he goes in my mouth. But its the feeling of his release that
    I desire and love. My uncontrollable addiction.

  • Why are you cheating on your wife with an inmate? Would you want her to do the same to you? What you're doing is wrong, involving work and your personal life. Stop now before you end up hurt, diseased, fired or divorced.

  • I wish i could stop ,I wish I knew how.i have tried .when I'm around him there is no way I could or would tell him no . I get this feeling of ,weakness, excitement l*** and wanting to submit myself to him.when he's in the act of using me to satisfy his sexual needs .I can honestly say I love it more than he does,I am more excited and turned on than he is.this is how bad it is .I could be in bed laying next to my wife and I'll be fantasizing about him.i fall asleep fantasizing about him .as I sleep I dream about him .and I wake up thinking about him thinking about how I can't wait to see him.i know it sounds wierd,sick.and crazy .and it is .and I know I'll never be able to stop .he's right HE HAS TOLD ME THAT """I love it """,""""I'm in love with it"" ""I'm obsessed with it "",""I'm addicted to it""" and he's a 100 pecent right I am .

  • If you prefer men, no big deal. But you're married and your play with fire. Not only because you are cheating on her. But you're cheating on her with a prisoner who is serving life. Most lifers don't care if they get a disease from unprotected s** because they have nothing to lose. If you're a prison guard, you know the risk of STD, HIV, HEPC..Do the right thing and file for divorce from your wife so you don't subject her to disease or the embarrassment of what will happen when you lose your job because you're carrying on an affair.

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