Insensitive Roomie

I've had a hard break up and my roommate is really inconsiderate when I asked her to stop her boyfriend from sleeping over and doing the whole cuddling thing (at least for a week or two). I told them to move it to the common room but she's a f****** b**** and says its inconvenient for her and she's more comfortable in her bed.

I love her, but she's a f****** selfish b****.

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  • You sound like a selfish b****, just because you broke up with your boyfriend you are jealous and bitter and want to disrupt your roommates relationship

  • You should just deal with it. It's not fair for you to not let her be happy just because you had a break-up. Get over your own bitterness and leave her to her own relationship.

  • F*** her boyfriend

  • M********* loud enough to make it really awkward, but pretend that you are trying to keep quiet. He'll be raging hard and she'll get p***** that YOU are the one turning him on and might smarten up and keep him away from the bedroom. You need release since you don't have a boyfriend currently. Its legit.

  • She's selfish!!! No you are the selfish one. Just becasue you cant get off anymore doesn't mean she has to inconvience herself just for you. It hurts yeah but why should she suffer too. I think you are the selfish one here.

  • Your pain will pass, and the roles might reverse.

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