The older that I’m getting, the more and more I’m beginning to notice how jealous my mother is of me. She tries to copy me but belittles me. I remember I showed her a picture of myself performing in a different city and I was so excited and proud and all she did was make fun of the way my trousers looked. Every single birthday of mine since I was 15 she has ruined. She came home when I was 15 screaming that I didn’t do something and she ate my whole birthday cake like she was Ms.Trunchball or something. She’s extremely jealous how well I get on with my father and his side of the family because they are divorced. She used to scream to my and my brother that our dad left us because we were dirty. When in fact my dad left her because she’s a raging lunatic. She’s always been extremely jealous of other people in her life and will instead make out that they are jealous of her. She’s a horrible , fat lonesome pig with incredibly Low self esteem. She’s emotionally abused me for years. She would make fun of my stretch marks and say the most awful things whilst she stood there weighing over 22 stone. Lol. She puts me down all the time because she just cannot stand to see my success, my beauty, my resilience, my strength. She’s a f****** b****. A BIG FAT F****** STUPID B**** who only cares about how she looks to other people. She’s incapable of keeping a tidy home due to her hoarding. She’s incapable of ever saying no to anyone who asks her for money Not because She’s a nice person. She has no boundaries or backbone. This DUMB B**** even went to university to study a course that her narcissistic ass sister was doing all because she didn’t have the b**** to say no, that’s not what I want to do. She’s a f****** idiot. A real f****** piece of work Whos 54 now and trying to play catch-up. She’s showed me that I don’t want kids. She’s made me selfish because my mother never puts me first. She once gave her disgusting boyfriend who groped my ass like £500 and we starved that entire week. She’s so desperate for love it’s sickening. She’s a f****** b**** and I hate her so much but pray that she doesn’t leave me any time soon. Her words sting bad but her actions are so barbaric. She’s a f****** monster who I have to tolerate for the simple fact that she’s my mother. She’s a b****. A BIG FAT B**** WITH AWFUL MAKEUP, 0 INTELLECT, 0 f****** clue how to ever be a mother. Ofcourse it’s not her fault that she doesn’t know how to be a mother. She never had one. I wish she could’ve had herself as a mother. Then maybe she would know that mothers aren’t all they’d cracked up to be. I love my mother because she’s done things for me. Not because she tried her best to raise us because she really didn’t. I love my mother because she’s my mother. No other reason. She’s a f****** b**** who’s done financial things for me however she knows nothing about how to raise a child emotionally, mentally and physically. She’s an actual dipstick. An idiot. An actual borderline r*****. I actually think she must have some kind of learning disability because how can someone be that stupid. Like an actual moronic imbecile. Very, very stupid woman. Very evil woman. Very jealous woman. Very fat woman. Very grotesque woman. Very disgusting woman. Very disabled woman.

Dec 14, 2020

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  • I hate mine too same thing here living with mine still she said I deserved to get raped I was 12 years old when I was raped she verbally mentally emotional abuse me I have days when I want her hurt her back with my words I went to Facebook but they don't talk to me anymore I need advice from my situation as well least I'm not the only one who hates,my mother

  • Other than that... Everything O.K.?

  • F****** grand

  • It's a classic case of an ugly person shattering the mirror.
    Don't get depressed or angry.Just quietly tell her you understand her and smile as if you pity her.

  • My mom was a narc. Did not know it at the time. Knew she was strict and had high standards but she was living her life through me. I'm a boy by the way. She used to make me wear really short tight shorts and tight tee shirts and long socks. She fed of her friends saying how good I looked. They used to pat my bum.

  • They never see us as their children. They only ever see us as extensions of themselves.

  • Not all but those we are crackpots.

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