I'm in love with someone i shouldn't be

I'm in love with a cousin of mine he is 22 and is fit i no some will say it's a stupid crush and i thought that myself too but i couldn't stop thinking about him and when i was home alone it was worse i even had s** with a boy to see if it would stop but that didn't work one night months ago he stayed on the sofa i heard my mum leave for work and i went downstairs about 10 minutes after i thought he was still asleep and bent over to pick my keys up and heard him say nice ass my nightie didn't cover my butt my heart was beating so fast i turned round and he was standing up and my eyes went straight to his boxer shorts that was showing he was turned on he seen i was looking and pulled down his boxer shorts and said to me now you got a better look he was fully hard i wanted him for so long and he said lock the front door just incase as i was doing that he came up behind me and put his hands up my nightie and pulled it over my head and soon he was pulling down my underwear leaving me naked his hands we're all over me kissing my neck he got me to spread my legs and started rubbing his stiff d*** between me i would look down and see it it was sending little shock waves through me then he whispered kneel down on the stairs and lean forward to stick my butt out i did that then felt him push in and slowly started f****** me and each time he went a little further he was moaning as he done it after 5-10 minutes he said he was fully in all the way i couldn't take being on my stairs anymore and asked could we take it somewhere else and we went to my bed this time i was facing him and he didn't hold back and first it was slow then it was him slamming into me and me screaming out i was that weak i couldn't keep my arms or legs around him they we're just limp on my bed i just looked at him helpless as he carried on and it felt like time slowed down and he tells me he's going to c** and lets out oh f*** baby and started to c** and then pulled his d*** out and rolled off he pulled the covers over us and i didn't mean to we both fell asleep and woke up hours later to him wanting it again but i could as i was to sore and asked if he would be ok with me just giving him a bj i did after a week have s** with him and still do.

Aug 28, 2021

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