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Yes i to became a sissy girl b**** for a older man it happen one night i fell a sleep in a old house and was awake by a old man he ask me what i was doing sleeping in his house i told him i was sorry but it was cold out and the door was open and i fell a sleep i told him i would leave he said no you can stray that night but you can sleep in the bed i said thank you sir have you any night wear i told him no well it look you could use a shower go in the bathroom and shower you find soap in there i did as told when i came out i was nice and clean well you clean up good here you can wear this its a girl nightie if you want i told him it fine then we had coffee and went to bed it was late and i felt the nightie been pull up i did not move soon he saw my panties on and i felt his hands on my ass i move my legs a bit he rub my ass then pull my panties off i lift my ass for him a bit he told me yes what a lovey ass as he put his finger in my ass hole he work them in and out soon i felt his c*** shove in my ass hole soon it was all the way in then he told me you do like this b**** i told him yes sir then he shoot his hot load of c** in me he then lay down beside me with his c*** in me and we fell a sleep in the morning i woke up and look at him his c*** was rock hard i thought well i did like his c*** in my ass hole so i bend down and start to suck his c*** he woke up and look well i see my b**** know how to please his master yes sir well after that night i become his b**** now that i stray here i only dress as a girl he even went out to buy me panties bras dress nightie

Feb 16, 2015

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  • Sniffing licking wearing panties nighties get on all fours slide my toy into my man slit mhmm take all of it while I lick my c um from the tip of my shaft like a good girl I lick my c um off my panties I love the way my mothers panties bras for me. I sniff lick her panties

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