I knew he was my nephew

I haven't seen my sister for 20 years after she slept with my boyfriend and never forgave her.i would keep an eye on what my family would be doing by Facebook and started checking everything her son was doing and went to the pub he drinks in and we ended up talking,he started flirting with me and i joined in i said should we get some air and soon as we got outside we was kissing and i let him f*** me out back,I didn't have any guilt letting this 21 year old s*** me and im 39,4 months and i let it go on for then told him who i was right in the middle off me riding him,I said you know im your auntie he looked at me all puzzled then pushed me of on to my back then jumped on me ramming his c*** up me and like a crazed man he savaged me a non stop assault on my p****,it was the best s** ive had and he doesn't care who i am he still wants more.

Aug 29, 2021

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  • Ridiculous fiction dude! First off all you lack even a modicum of the kind of sensitivity we have when it comes to sexuality, and although we are usually way too nurturing to do something like that, I can think of a few friends I’ve known who treat sexual matters like men. But the silliness after “you told him”? Not even remotely believable, and I’ve been the victim of incest by my uncle. I guess if you are even decent looking it wouldn’t take much for a woman to get a guy so h0rney, he forgets all about being angry, but for “him” to go from shock to insatiable in 1 second? Nope! There’s no way I believe that. Sorry sir, you just don’t make a believable woman!

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