True story.

My step sister, Cathy and I grew up very close, We are 8 months apart in age and began living together at the age of 6-7, We shared a room which was no big deal to me since before moving in together I was sharing a room with my older sister, We grew up together, Dated some of the same people and she even married an ex of mine. Unfortunately he turned out to be a douche and she caught him cheating with a girl he works with.
She was devastated and it took her a couple years to move on from that but dated a bit, Had minor success but ultimately swore off relationships all together. After a few "Hookups" she decided she wanted more and dated a couple more times, Yada, Yada and it didn't go well so while we were having a glass or seven of wine she told me she was swearing off men and thinking about "switching teams", This sort of caught me off guard and I may have not had the greatest response which started a bit of an argument and she stated "Oh, It's fine for you to be gay but not me", I was like "Whoa...Ok, First of all I am not gay, I am Bi, it may not seem to you that there is any difference but there is, I enjoy a man, Absolutely love it but can't be with one as my main partner because me and men don't mesh long term, I have a steady girlfriend who is well aware that we will never be that married, Gay couple you see from time to time but instead absolute best friends who share an apartment and a bed".
Long story short she left and there was some tension for a bit but then we talked it out as we always do and had a good cry, After a little while she came to me again and said she had put a lot of thought into it and was "Making the switch", I again told her "It's not just all sunshine and rainbows, You can't just watch some girl on girl videos and think (I can do that)". I asked her if she had even ever been with a girl and she admitted she hadn't but had put lots of thought into it so I told her "well, There is only one way to know for sure and that is to just do it", She said "Well...That's why I am here, I need some help".
after a little discussion she wanted my help figuring out how to meet someone, How to blah, Blah, Blah, I told her "Come with me...We're going out", To be honest I fully expected her to bail when the time came to get serious so we hit up my closet, Stripped her down to her birthday suit and rebuilt her from the bottoms of her feet to the tips of her hair then stripped her down again and I told her "Get in the shower and don't come out until there is not a single hair left anywhere there shouldn't be" LOL. I heard the shower turn off and my GF and I went in and helped her get dressed, Afterward my GF whispered to me "Some girl is going to be very lucky tonight", I nodded my head and said "She looks F'ing good, We did great".
Blah, Blah, Blah, 2:00am rolled around and Cathy had danced, Touched lightly, Flirted and sat down beside me, She whispered in my ear "I think the blonde with the red shoes is into me", I giggled and said "Oh Cath, I know her, She will rock your world but....You don't want to go beyond that with her", She asked if I had been with her and I told her no but knew some people who had. Rightfully so she stated that it sounded like that was exactly what she needed and I couldn't agree more...Again, Blah, Blah, Blah we end up at my apartment, A few drinks and...My GF and I head to bed.
We were not being quiet or secretive about what we were doing but she stopped and lifted her head, Looked at me and I looked at her and we were both wide eyed, We couldn't help it and had to peek, Cathy on her back on the s*** carpet in front of the fireplace, Emily on her knees straddling Cathy's face and my GF whispered to me "If it's to weird to see I get it", I whispered back "Nope" LOL. We stood in my doorway and watched them and oh my goodness, I had heard correctly about Emily.
When they switched and Cathy took the top my GF whispered "For a mom she looks great", Cathy has 2 kids and yeah, She has maintained a body worthy of recognition. I felt sorta like a perv hiding in the dark spying on my step sister having her first hookup but it was hard not to watch. So...Three years later and from what I know of 6 partners, She tried the "Bi thing" with the girl she is currently with and her best friend who she has apparently "Helped out" here and there but she didn't like it as much so she has decided she wants to go full on with this girl and move in together, Make it official and tell my parents. Christmas 2021 is gonna be something.

Sep 2, 2021

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  • That was painful to read. (Again, blah blah blah!) to think, you want us to believe that a step sis is more than willing to tell you her deepest, sexual desires, then allow you to strip her naked (TWICE) follows your order to shave her tvvat, but you didn’t get so much as a lousy bl0wj0b out of it, let alone fvcking her! If that was real, when you undressed her, you would have “accidentally” touched something just to see how she reacts! If she doesn’t say anything, then you just slowly make it more and more obvious that it’s no accident. If she doesn’t say anything to you about not touching her “like that” or not touching her “there”, you play with her pvssy until she’s almost cvmming, then you roll over, and tell her to fvck you. That’s what I did with my sister!

  • Christ, that was a difficult read.

  • Never start a hot s** story with " True story"....LOL.

  • Again, Blah, Blah, Blah

  • You wanna suck on this tall and thin d***. You wanna push the thing in your mouth in and out. Better be quick before I fetch the whip!

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