the truth

I lied to my best friend, we're both 22 and presently don't have boyfriends. She asked me why guys see women as whores and s****. I told her they don't and if they do, it's their problem. The truth is, they see us that way because we are. We're all s**** and whores, that's what gives us the power. I've learned to use it and I get what I want, But I also have the brains to keep what I get (mainly meaning the promotions I get at work through s**). Shauld I be honest with her so she can use it to her advantage? or let her stay inocent?
No I'm not fat or ugly, other wise using s** and my body to get what I want wouldn't work, Im just honest about it here.

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  • Some guys do, some guys don't. your generalization of it proves you're an idiot. Shut the f*** up. You stupid bigot.

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