Saw what religious girls do behind closed doors

My wife asked our shapely mid 30's neighbor why a pretty girl like her wasn't married, and she told my wife she was still a virgin and wouldn't have s** till marriage because she was religious. Now get this: I did occasional security work around our building and one night I was walking around the back of our building and I noticed her bedroom window shade was up about 1" and the light was on. I couldn't help but take a peak. I couldn't believe what I saw. She was naked on her bed, mistreating wildly. One hand was doing the work while her other was moving slowly up her leg, like some guy was doing it and the closer her hand got to her p****, the louder and more violent her organism became. Needless to say I found myself behind the building several times a week and she sure put on a show. I have concluded all those religious types who are holding out are regular masturbaters and s**** at heart.

Feb 26, 2021

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  • Well she can still be that virgin.

  • All women like s**, in one form or another, just like men do. They just don't want everyone to know about it.

  • L*** is just as much a sin as s** before marriage. Most dont have a clue.

  • We Christian women just know how to behave in public. Quite proper. We aren't s**** in the classic way the term is used, but give us a steady boyfriend who knows how to keep his mouth shut about what happens in private, and believe me stuff will be happening in private.

  • She’s lucky not to be Muslim because in this case she is probable genital mutilated. Many Muslim women need to have hymen recovery before marriage and her new family actually believe she is virgin.

  • Virginity before marriage for Muslim woman is not necessarily in some Muslim countries, it depends on culture and society,

  • I bet you saw more. What else was she doing.

  • Like Dr House said : Everyone lies about s**

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