Skinny Fetish and Gay

My name is Muhammad Aliff Hazri.
I'm in love with skinny body .
Everytime I see a woman with a skinny figure,my c*** gets hard erection .
Everytime I near a skinny girl,my boxer will be full of c**.

I have a ex girlfriend and Everytime we have s** ,I always touch her ribs and we always play in a flexible position because I want to see her body in every position and how she struggle with it.

I don't mean to sound offensive but curvy and fat girls don't turn me on.

A bunch of meats don't turn me on in anyway .I prefer (if) all girls were bony as f***.
I always like small t*** and they turn me on.
Everytime I'm alone,I always masturbating to skinny p***.

I am a bisexual which means I'm turn on by a guy.
I love it when a guy f*** me in ass and he stretch my c*** so hard that I c**.

I'm always have s** with my ex girlfriend and a guy in public.

Sep 15, 2021

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