Mother in law

I cannot stop fantasising about my mother in law, and she knows it. I am 25 and she is in her early 50s. She likes to flirt with me and it's clear she would never do anything with me but likes the attention. Everytime I go around her house she always bends over deliberately to get me to look down her cleavage and she has lovely b******. I will be happy if my Mrs b****** are like hers when she is older.
I get so h**** around her house as she's always flirting when my Mrs is out of the room, as soon as I get home I'm always furiously masturbating thinking about her.
Last time I went over to hers was after work for dinner and I arrived before my Mrs. We were in the kitchen having a flirt, I couldn't stop staring at her nipples through her top, she had no bra on and she backed into me and rubbed her tidy ass up against my c*** and it got me excited. She asked if it was what she thought, and I said yes. She backed into me again and shoved my hands up her top caressing her b**** and nipples.
She turned back to face me and grabbed my c*** and told me that's all I'd ever get from her and with a wink told me to go upstairs and sort myself out.
I went upstairs towards the bathroom but stopped and put my head in her bedroom. I noticed a red thong hanging out of a draw. I went over and opened the draw and it was her underwear draw, filled with lacey underwear and thongs. I couldn't resist, I started masturbating furiously and blasted the biggest pool of c** iv ever shot all over her underwear.
I wiped my stiff c*** clean with her red thong and went back downstairs.
She couldn't stop smiling at me the rest of the evening.
Now everytime I go round she flashes me her pants, she obviously saw the c** all over them.
I have no shame, my only regret is not taking a pair of her underwear to m********* with in the future.
Is it wrong to take one from her laundry basket?
Or should I just ask her for a pair?
I really hope I get a chance to m********* into her underwear again, maybe she will watch next time

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  • I make an excuse to go round to my mother in law's house when no one is home and I head straight for the laundry basket. Seems to never have any thongs in it anymore, nor does her underwear drawer, just regular panties but the have discharge on them which I sniff and lick. I leave a few drops of c** on her clean panties at the part that'll rub against her p****

  • At her age she wil b loosing bits of s**** dont go 4 her ass

  • To hel wit her panties get her p****

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