Transvestite confession

I became a transvestite in my teens after wearing female clothing most of my life it started with stockings then bras and knickers and the whole female apparel followed very shortly. It is a drug and it is something that will never stop, nail varnish and make up are now part of my everyday life. I love being a Transvestite and dress as often as I can. I have an every growing wardrobe and love to buy shoes and dresses.

Being a transvestite is a wonderful feeling that never leaves you.


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  • I think you are pretty normal and have plenty of company from transvestites around the globe. There was a gradual reduction in women's femininity starting about forty-five years ago when they started wearing pants, bare legs, and arrogant attitudes. They lost the art of femininity. They became bland, boring, and utilitarian. How interesting that a transvestite is the one who now understands the absolute power of pantyhose, lingerie, skirts, ** shoes, foundation garments and makeup! Thank you for taking the time to look ** and, above all, classy. Maybe women can get a clue from fellows like you.


  • It's easier to have that as part of your life now than it was in the 70s. Enjoy your freedom to express yourself. I got punished for sneaking my sister's things when I was a kid and that got me hooked on a spanking fetish, but I still love to slip into ** now and again.

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