Im a transvestite. i love to dress as a woman. in my closets i have more female clothing than male. almvst weekly i dress up and go out in public, usually to places where i have been before and know some people. most women are supportive and treat me as female. i get flustered when a man smiles and checks me out. i must admit i love it, even had my butt carressed a few times. happy times when im out as a female.



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  • I've seen a number of websites that indicate that you would be very popular with a lot of guys. They want to experiment with homosexuality while still convincing themselves that its not, because you tricked them into it. I would love to meet a woman like you, but where I live, that's very unlikely.

  • I partly crossdress in mini skirt and panties but I do it secretly at home when alone or out in car late Saturday nights.
    Although straight would love to meet another to talk and maybe under skirt fun in evenings in car.
    But being in the UK I have not come across any yet.
    But dressing as a woman I find is a lot better than a male.
    Would love to be dressed fully with wig too.
    But aged 61-only replies I received are from outside of the UK.
    But keep dressing and have fun-as its your life.

  • I know exactly how you feel.

  • I bet you're hot.

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