I'm jealous of Asian women

I'm jealous of Asian women it's always about men talking about how beautiful Asian women are making the other races seem inferior and to be honest there just Asian men like have a fetish for Asian girl's if I could I'd change my hole body in a heart beat but I can't which is making me insecure jealous and upset I can't deal with this anymore if only I could be a guy's dream girl

Sep 29, 2021

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  • There is something of an exotic attraction and an assumption that they are willing sexual submissives. Knowing many guys with Asian wives and girlfriends over the years has proved to me that this fact is untrue. Don't be jealous.

  • "Jealous of Asian women"

    said no one ever

  • Asian women are not that hot or beautiful, trust me .. I’m from singapore and most of them aren’t that good in bed

  • You are right, but Woman from Singapore taste amazing. I’ve eaten p**** in many countries and India and Singapore are the best.

    I’m a well hung white guy and though Asian woman are generally not super stars in bed they are tight and petite. And they scream and moan like crazy.

    The best women in bed are from Colombia.

    But black woman drive me crazy.

  • WOW ...What a statement, anyway....I'm not attractive toward Asian female...they are cute most are very nice etc.... just not my type. My best friend that is all he dates. He loves Asian women. I'm totally into Italian females.... I've dated three and this last one has me doing flips she is so pretty and has total control over my mind and I love it :)

  • You are special on your on way and not every man have the same type everyone have his on taste same with female's each one love different taste

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