I'm not attracted to my own race??

I'm a bisexual white woman and I don't feel any attraction towards white men, and only a slight attraction to other white women. Is this weird?
I used to be attracted to other white people but now I can't see myself with a white man at all.
I know I'm white myself, but all white guys I've been with have always been so bland and boring.

I've always had a stronger attraction to east asian men, but now I see myself almost only being attracted to east asian men!
I feel so weird for feeling this way, all of my friends are drooling over the boys in my class and I feel so out of place.

Also, am I being racist? I'm so confused.
I'm only 17 so it might change?

(and no, I don't like anime or listen to kpop)

Aug 27, 2017

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  • You aren't racist. I'm black and for the longest would only be with white girls. It will probably change for you too and if it doesn't you are still normal. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  • You are bland and have no skills

  • What up my homie n****!

  • Aww shut up! Who cares! Your own preference is your business, no one else's. So it doesn't matter, no issues are present!

  • Try to change your attitude. Do you really want to marry a nonwhite and give birth to a mud baby?

  • Racial prejudice is a disgusting trait, get over it and stop being an ignorant ass!

  • Not sure where you got racial prejudice out of that. Maybe you are assuming? You should reread the post.

  • Idiot! Re-read the original comment yourself, you degenerate!

  • That's funny! You call me the idiot, yet no where in the OPs post did they say they were "predudiced". Then you double down and state that I should "re-read" it. You are funny indeed.

  • Prejudiced, not "Predudiced"

  • I wasn't referring to the op's post. I was referring to the "non-white/mud baby comment"

    You obviously didn't realise :)

  • Thank you, I know I'm funny and yes you're stupid. Research what racial prejudice means and then compare it to what's conveyed in the original comment, then hopefully you'll understand. But I doubt it :)

  • I am well aware of the definition. That's how I know you are f****** stupid. Because you obviously don't know the meaning. Of course that is what's wrong with you f****** liberals. You are too lazy to actually think on your own, nor do any research. You lap up the bullshit that is spoon feed to you and then you are p***** when someone corrects you. Please go educate yourself before you continue making a fool of yourself. You f****** idiot.

  • Take your own advice :) And relax, why so serious?

  • Sick of the stupid f****** left who think everyone is racist. Don't like what you have to say, you're racist. Don't like that you didn't support Hillary, you're racist. You want America first because you're an American, you definitely racist. I am so sick of them thinking everyone else is racist. To hear the f****** left tell it everyone and everything is racist. Even the police horse they stabbed in the neck. A police horse is racist? You have got to be s******* me!

  • I wasn't referring to the op's post. If you noticed where I commented originally, you would've realised it was directed at the "non-white/mud baby comment"


  • Does this question seem racist to you "Do you really want to marry a non-white and give birth to a mud baby?"

  • Relax man. Nothing on this website is worth getting irate about :) ✌🏻

  • You obviously haven't looked at the real world. These racist people on both sides are burning down our towns. Thank George Soros for that.

  • Without elaborating indepth, as you don't deserve an explanation "your assumptions are inaccurate about me" But good day to you :)

  • Why did you use quotation marks? You're not quoting anyone. Lol

  • Idiot!

  • Thank you, but your comment is irrelevant and inconsequential :) One peace ✌🏻

  • Kind of like you. Irrelevant!

  • Inaccurate :)

  • It's a preference, that doesn't make you racist. You are 17, you are going to meet lots of people as you enter into adulthood and dating. Be open and go on dates with people of any skin color, because you just never know who you may connect with.

  • Well said :)

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