My life?

It's so utterly bizarre... there's just so much that I can't remember about myself. My earliest memory was of when I was 7, on Halloween, and I was under the supervision of these teenage boys... but they ditched me in the woods early on, and I was trapped there for the rest of the night. It was so traumatic... but it's odd, because I can't really remember much else- where we were, what my relation was to those boys, where I lived, anything. And all of my memories afterwards leading up until now don't match up- I've been living in a completely different place, under the care of an old woman who has no relation to me, and I honestly have no idea how I got here. Now that I'm older I'm no longer living with her, but I'm renting a room that she owns instead. I've been able to support myself fairly well, doing odd jobs... but I just feel so empty. I have nightmares every night, and this obsession with saving up lots of money with no intention of spending it. Something just isn't making any sense... but I'm too scared to figure out what it is.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • To the mocker who posted the fairy-tale bit ... FNORD.

  • It's not that you're paranoid, it's that you might not be paranoid ENOUGH

  • Not joking. There's more of us out there than you think. MK-ULTRA had lousy security - anybody could walk out with their files.

  • It's obvious. You've been programmed to collect resources for someone, either the Old Lady or someone she works for. You may have other purposes as well that you are not allowed to remember. Those boys were also likely agents who kidnapped you from your home and dumped you where you could be taken off and reprogrammed.
    The solution? Take all that money, go someplace far away (preferrably another country) and acquire a companion whom you have never met before and cling to them 24/7. If you are doing things in your sleep without your conscious knowledge, they will discover it.

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