Strange new relationship...

My husband has had bisexual fantasies for many years. I am currently 45 and he is 49. It started off innocent enough I guess. During our s** play I would use one of my small vibrators on him. I soon found out he was using it and some of my larger toys when he was alone. Last year on our anniversary (at his request) I bought a strap on harness with 3 size attachments. From that point on he begged me to f*** him in the ass constantly and he quickly graduated to the biggest size (8 inches).
His fantasies grew and soon he was asking to experience the real thing. One night I gave in and we drove to the far side of town and went to one of this adult bookstores. We went into a dirty booth and I sat and watched as he gave b******* to strange men through a hole in the wall. After servicing 4 men he turned around and faced me. He was smiling and his face was covered with c**.
A week later he was begging me to go back. At this point "our" s** life was pretty much dead. He had too much interest in getting treated like a girl himself, rather than f****** me. So I decided to go with it but I need to lay down some ground rules. I told him I was in charge and had to approve any and all activities. Second I told him that my needs were not being met, so from now on I would seek out sexual gratification as I want.
We went back to the bookstore that night. Not only did my husband, again, give several b*******, when a nicely endowed c*** came through the hole he turned around and took it in the ass. As we were leaving there were a few disappointed m,en lined up at the booth next to us waiting their turn. But in the lobby was a tall attractive black male just kind of hanging out. I stopped my husband and told him to wait a minute. I walked over and very bluntly propositioned the black guy. He quickly accepted. He followed myself and husband to the closest cheap motel. I made my husband sit in the car as I spent the next few hours having s** with an attractive and HUNG black stranger.
The next day I went online and created a profile on a swinger website. Now we have several males that we meet with frequently. A couple of them are my personal boyfriends and very much meet my needs. My husband is now lock in a chastity cage and there are several males that are interested in using the husband as I watch. I also allow husband to go to the bookstore alone now.

Oct 15

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  • This sounds absolutely Amazing!!! This is exactly where I would like my relationship to end up;)) i am the male part of a couple and am almost a replica of what you have described your husband to be; who proposed the chastity and how!?

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