Physical Exam M15

I just had a physical exam n the nurse pulled down my underwear and she started touching my b**** n I got hard … it’s that normal ?

Oct 14, 2021

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  • One time I had a Nurse doing part of the physical, it was a complete one for work. On the pretty side, nothing really special though. She came in while I was gowned up, first had me lean over the table and did the Prostate stuff which I really don't like much, took a tissue and wiped off the lube. Next, sat on a little roller stool, had me lift my gown. She reached out and rolled back my foreskin, I was getting an erection and trying not to, but she spent at least two minutes to the point of where I was thinking she was playing. Then she got a Q-tip, stuck it in me for a sample and left.
    The Doctor came in later, talking to me is all, he had the nurse take my blood pressure which was a bit high. They retook it later, back to normal. To this day I have no clue what was up with that, I suspect the Doctor might not even know what she did.

  • It happens. It's odd that the nurse was doing that and not the doctor, but they expect physical reactions.

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