My "big" brother...

This is a true story of my brother and a problem he suffered through during his teen years. Actually I am one year older than my brother but I joke he is my "big" brother. I do that because my brother is BLESSED downstairs. Like Mr. Ed, unusually large blessed. I know most guys would like to have this problem but it is not as great as you think. Especially when you are a really nice guy.
My brother didn't like to play sports or even do gym class because he was embarrassed about showering or changing in front of other guys. He would get teased constantly.
When it came to dating it didn't work out either. When he got to that age where he tried to become sexually active his first couple of relationships were disasters. Neither of the girls could take him and broke up with him. If he were a dirtbag instead of a nice guy he would have just worried about getting his and not hurting the girls.
Of course like teenage girls they did gossip so all the girls began to know knew about his size. Several girls, heck even some of my girl friends began hitting on him just to try it. It still didn't work out and made him feel even worse.
Then one crazy summer! We were both at a party with friends. One of the girls brought a friend from another nearby high school. She was this tiny Asian girl. She was pretty but under five foot and I bet she didn't weigh 80lbs at that time. I could se her friends laughing and some occasional pointing at my brother. By the end of the night she made her way over and began talking to my brother. Then I saw him and her making their way up the stairs toward the bedrooms. I actually tried to catch up and intervene. I was actually scared for her! They waved me off and went into a bedroom and locked the door. It kept running through my mind we were going to be calling for help or taking her to the ER.
But OMG!!! Thirty minutes later they came from the room. The girl was smiling and my brother was so excited he couldn't contain himself. On the way home he gave me the graphic details. Long story short she not only took it, she took the entire thing and begged for more! I don't know how, I envisioned him poking her heart.
It was instant love and they not only dated through high school, they later married and have been together ever since.

Oct 17

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  • I was having s** with a girl I had known from kindergarden, she was 19 when we finally did it. It was my first time so eager, I rushed things a little.
    I am on the big size, she had an IUD installed so she could have s**, somehow I pushed it right through her insides and she ended up in the hospital having surgery.
    I have had a few other incidents where my size caused pain, a few would not even fit, and one flatly reject me saying I wasn't going to put that thing inside of her.
    But SOME women just go berserk because of the sensations it creates.
    Now, I make sure they know what is coning before we even try, and I have learned that lots and LOTS of foreplay helps bunches.
    And yep, women talk to often I get visitors, a few just knock on my door and make what they want obvious. In today's world, a REAL 9 inches is pretty big.

  • No one would ever believe me but I have an oversized p**** problem. Some might think it's great, but it isn't.
    For one thing, I have trouble buying clothes, underwear, briefs don't work because I will fall out the side of them, and most clothes make me look like I have a Cantaloupe in my pants.
    I buy baggy slacks with pleats in the front and wear long shirts untucked, which is not exactly in style.
    I measured once and a Doctor I actually talked to about size reduction did also, I am 10 inches soft (underside) and it gets bigger when erect. The size around measures slightly more than a coke can. My testicles are easily twice a normal size. I am forever bumping into things and hurting myself.
    I did find one large woman that I had full s** with, she managed just fine, most women will play with it but stop short of actually trying, although a few times, with lots of lube, I have managed.
    But it hurts them, I can tell.
    I even hired a h***** once, she did a hand finish using both hands, and I do go to massage parlors where they do finishes which is nice. But I am now 36 years old and have never had a real full time s** partner. So yes, a man really can be too large.
    I am miserable most of the time.

  • I never ran into the situation as a teenager. But I am a 20 something female. Last year I had a sexual experience with a guy like your brother. Before we went out I had heard the rumors of his size from other girls in the office but I didn't really think there was any way he could be as big as they claimed. Afterwards i don't think they exaggerated enough! We did have s**. I toughed it out and completed the act, but WOW! It felt like someone took my uterus out, stomped on it, then put it back. I literally had to take the next day off work. I sat on the couch all day with a heating pad on my tummy.

  • Not me, I am not quite weighed down by my p**** size. But back in high school I had a friend with your brothers problem. It nearly got him thrown in jail, or actually back then KILLED by an angry father. During s** he did "unintentionally" cause a girl to go to the doctor the next day. As you can imagine DAD wasn't happy. It was completely mutual she just couldn't handle his size.

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