My boyfriend and his ex, who happens to be my bestfriend.

I'm intimidated by my best friend. Why? because my boyfriend and her dated in he past, and I mean about 2 1/2 maybe 3 years ago so not too long ago. Here's the thing, so I know my best friend, she's pretty slutty or at least she's done some things in the past that may seem sleazy to some people (for example: she had s** with a married man). But the confusing part is that I'm now dating her ex (named Sean) and she's now dating her ex's brother (named Jackson). I know what some of you are thinking, I'm bad friend for dating her ex and to be honest I felt the same way when we started dating but this whole situation is just awkward. Here's a break down of what happened.. Sean and my best friend dated for idk 3-6 months, they were sexually active, in fact she was actually his first. He claimed that he didn't love her and just dated her to lose his virginity and back then she claimed she loved him. Now my best friend is kind of the first time they met in person outside of work she took his virginity. And from there on they had s** many many many times! Later on he broke up with her and she was pretty clingy to him after the break up so he decided to hook her up with his brother to get her off his back (just as a hook-up for s** nothing more) but it eventually turned into more and she started to fall for his brother and basically Sean wanted my best friend to stop seeing his brother because it got to weird and she was still around him which defeated the purpose of him trying to set her up with someone else. Anyways it got to the point to where Sean told her she couldn't see his brother anymore, so my best friend felt stuck. Then she talked to him some more and they both came to a solution which was if she set him up with me then he would be okay with her dating his brother. So that's how me and him started dating based off of that. So my question is, is it okay for me to feel awkward with them around each other? like I feel completely uncomfortable when in the same room with them, although she is my best friend and he is my boyfriend. But it's just AWKWARD especially if they're like engaging in a conversation like one on one and there's laughing and stuff, and I know she's dating his brother now but at one point she claimed to have loved my boyfriend when they were dating and they had s** multiple times which adds on to it. help?


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  • You are being played with like a p***. I think you have a right to demand that he stop speaking to her altogether. He needs to prove himself to you. Respect yourself. You are more than some consolation prize.

  • That was in the pass,,,, need to stop worry about the past and stop talking to her ,,,,,she break you and your boyfriend up......

  • You should go to pound tjackson Jackson

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