Attracted to really old and fat men

My grandpa went into an elderly person home about a year ago. We've always been close so I visit about 1x a week and he doesn't know when I'm coming so he'll be either in his apartment or outside with the other old men usually. He's always been proud of me so he brags on me and they all heap on the compliments. I'm not really hot or anything. I'm ok but really kind of average so I've never gotten much attention but now I'm getting loads of attention from these old men. So I started wearing shorter skirts or super tight jeans, and a little bit revealing tops and it gets me even more attention. I'm betting some of these guys haven't had s** in years. They're wives are old and fat or dead. Now I'm thinking I want them to see me nude and maybe give them b*******, so I'm thinking I should offer to go to the supermarket or pharmacy and deliver to their individual apartments or something l iike that and see what happens. I don't know why but I'm more attracted to the oldest and fattest of them. One can't even get out of a wheelchair not because he's sick but he's just too heavy. Is there anything wrong with this? No I'm not married and I don't have a boyfriend so Im not cheating on anyone. And I'm not after these guys for money or anything. I don't think any of them are exactly rich anyway. I can't help getting all wet when they are talking to me and looking at me and I m********* thinking of them at home.

Oct 20

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