Under hypnosis how would I know?

I've been going for hypnosis off and on for a couple years. It really helped with stopping smoking, blushing when speaking in front of class, watching my weight and migraine headachess. I go for a few weeks if I'm having a problem then I don't go again for awhile until when or if I need it. The man I always went to moved to another state. When he moved, I started putting on weight, my migraines came back and I actually started stuttering. So I found a hypnotist. He's an old guy, retired and works out of his office in his house (he was a doctor about 20 yrs ago). I've been to him a few times now and it's starting to work but the last two times when I came out of my trance he was sitting next to me and something just made me feel icky. My blouse was a little bunched up but not open or off, and the other time I had worn a bra that hooks in a weird way and when I was home I noticed it wasn't hooked normally. I always thought you'd know if something happened under hypnosis or you wouldn't let it happen but I don't know what to do because if I say something and he really hadn't done anything then I'd totally embarrass myself but it's also been hard to find a hypnotist near me because I live in a very small town and even the larger town somewhat nearby where I found both hypnotists isn't huge. So I don't know what to do. I really need this therapy! Before you ask, he doesn't tape sessions so I wouldn't know if he did anything that way. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I don't know.

Oct 22

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  • If you go back to him with these doubts then you are causing your own trouble. If you don't have a conversation about what might be going on, then you are consenting to whatever he might be doing. Because of your doubts and feelings I suggest you ditch this guy quickly and find a more suitable therapy.

  • Use your cell phone to record the whole thing but don't let them know about it.

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