Not that easy, IS IT!

My husband has begged me to do ** ** since we were dating. I NEVER liked ** ** and refused. He just kept bringing it up so I made him a bet. If he could take it, I will take it!
My husband is above average, 8 inches and pretty thick. I told him if I bought an 8 inch ** and he could take it "fully" for 15 minutes I would agree to take the same from him. We both agreed and the bet was on.
Lets just say I never had to have ** **. He wimped out big time! I kept the ** and put it in with our other toys if he wants to make another wager.,..

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I Like A Girl That I work with a lot

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  • I forced my wife to be submissive and to take **.

  • Did he enjoy the ** in his **? If so allow him to **-** you. Use enough lube in your hole and ask him to go slow. I am sure you will love it.

  • My husband spent three months in jail after he got caught skimming money from accounts at his office. When he came home our ** life was a little different. Shortly after his return he went out and bought a "**" with a 7 inch fake **. I have been using it on him and he loves it. I was suspicious after the first time because he took it pretty easy, so I came right out and asked him if he experienced the real thing while in jail. He said "no" but I am still suspicious.

  • How about having that bet with me? You would loose and I would enjoy ** your **!

  • Smart thinking! I never liked ** either but a girl I dated did. The stench of shitt made me hate it.

  • Your girl would just need to clean herself out first and then there would be no stench.

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